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60 Creative Designs Using Durasein Solid...

Durasein solid surfaces are strong and stone-like, yet easily shaped with standard woodworking tools. This collection shows what can b... VIEW NOW >

Glass Blocks

This retro trend came back a few years ago and seems to be here to stay VIEW NOW >

Designs to Stimulate Your Senses

Here is a collection of designs, both old and new, to stimulate your senses. Whether by grand design, sheer size & scale or historical... VIEW NOW >

Glass Façades

Have a look at - and into - these beautiful glass façades VIEW NOW >

Aluminum Façades

Here are some examples of aluminum façades VIEW NOW >

Concrete Interiors

The exposed concrete interior trend is still going strong VIEW NOW >

Wood Interiors

Wood is the hero in these dramatic interiors VIEW NOW >

Rammed Earth Architecture

This eco-material is making its comeback in the construction industry VIEW NOW >

Shipping Container Structures

Recycled and reclaimed marine shipping containers can provide the basis for unique structures VIEW NOW >


A look at how this sustainable material can be used in architecture VIEW NOW >

Modern Stone Homes

Incredible homes that utilize stone, a texturally rich and core building material of past civilizations to create new spaces or augment... VIEW NOW >

Stunning Modern Glass Houses

Brilliant works of architecture that incorporate and use glass in innovative ways VIEW NOW >

Stunning Wood Clad Homes

Wood is a material with rich texture, variation and warmth VIEW NOW >

6 Modern Concrete Homes

Concrete is a diverse building material that can be used to create dynamic and creative spaces VIEW NOW >

Medieval Materials for Modern Architectu...

If you're inspired by the medieval cityscapes of Game of Thrones or The Hobbit, see how architects are bringing Middle-earth to life us... VIEW NOW >