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Maximalist Interiors

The direct opposite of minimalism, maximalism believes that more is more. There is nothing boring about this interior design style VIEW NOW >

Designs to Stimulate Your Senses

Here is a collection of designs, both old and new, to stimulate your senses. Whether by grand design, sheer size & scale or historical... VIEW NOW >


While Scandinavian architecture responds to a certain location and climate, their way of approaching design can be easily adapted anyw... VIEW NOW >

Minimalist Interiors

Nothing is out of place in these clean and minimal interior designs VIEW NOW >


This impressive architectural style became very popular in the middle ages, especially for churches and cathedrals. Have a look throug... VIEW NOW >


Let these grand baroque buildings sweep you off your feet and consider how you might be able to incorporate this opulent style in mode... VIEW NOW >


Welcome to the future VIEW NOW >

Art Deco

A few examples of the architectural style that took the 1920s by storm VIEW NOW >

Postmodern Architecture

This whimsical architectural style rebels against the mundane and the ordinary VIEW NOW >

Deconstructivist Architecture

Here are some of our favorite examples of deconstructivism VIEW NOW >

Minimalist White Homes

These homes show how less can be more VIEW NOW >

Modern Interpretations of Mid-Century Ar...

Mid-Century design and architecture still continue to influence architects. Here are some modern interpretations VIEW NOW >

American Craftsman Legacies

These American Craftsman houses are still going strong VIEW NOW >

Embracing Brutalist Architecture

Brutalism may not be everyone's cup of tea, but here are some impressive brutalist structures VIEW NOW >

Avant-Garde Organic Forms

Organic Architectural forms in modern day architecture VIEW NOW >