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Magnificent Hotel Interiors

These hotel interiors were designed to take your breath away VIEW NOW >

Wood Slat Interiors

This interior trend has been going strong for years now, being used in countless commercial and residential projects. Let's have a loo... VIEW NOW >

Best Architecture & Interior Design of 2...

Here is a carefully curated list of our favorite 2022 architecture and interior design projects VIEW NOW >

Cinematic Screening Rooms

From grand theatres to home cinemas and everything in between, these screening rooms are here to inspire you VIEW NOW >

Staircases That Double As Seating Areas

Staircases don't have to be used just for getting up and down. Sometimes steps can multitask and provide more space for people to work... VIEW NOW >

Child-Friendly Healthcare Spaces

Healthcare design is not just for the adults. These designs are focusing on improving the experience for young patients and visitors VIEW NOW >

Maximalist Interiors

The direct opposite of minimalism, maximalism believes that more is more. There is nothing boring about this interior design style VIEW NOW >

Luxurious Bathrooms

Bathing in luxury can be taken literally in these decadent bathrooms VIEW NOW >

Beautiful Theatres

As the performing arts change, the buildings that host them change with them VIEW NOW >

Designs to Stimulate Your Senses

Here is a collection of designs, both old and new, to stimulate your senses. Whether by grand design, sheer size & scale or historical... VIEW NOW >

Amazing Libraries

Quietly browse through this collection of home and public libraries that go a little beyond your average reading nook VIEW NOW >

Cozy Interiors

Not everyone wants a slick, minimalist interior. Here are a few of our favorite designs for a cozy home VIEW NOW >

Minimalist Interiors

Nothing is out of place in these clean and minimal interior designs VIEW NOW >

Bold and Bright Interiors

Say yes to color and be inspired by these bold designs VIEW NOW >

Eye-Catching Reception Areas

You are sure to feel welcome when you walk into these reception spaces VIEW NOW >

Concrete Interiors

The exposed concrete interior trend is still going strong VIEW NOW >

Colorful Office Spaces

These vibrant office spaces bring color to the workplace VIEW NOW >

Wood Interiors

Wood is the hero in these dramatic interiors VIEW NOW >

Stunning Stair Designs

Sometimes a staircase is just there to get people from one level to the next, and sometimes the stairs can become a major design eleme... VIEW NOW >

Decadent Apartments

These interiors are the epitome of opulence VIEW NOW >

Hidden Spaces

Some spaces desire a more private and camouflaged quality to their architectural footprint VIEW NOW >

In-House Sports Facilities

These modern homes have been designed for gymnasts, a rock climbing family, swimmers, basketball fans, and a skateboarder VIEW NOW >

Unique Beautiful Ceilings

Ceilings have the potential to transform spaces, creating dimensions in refreshing ways VIEW NOW >

Impressive Tech Office Designs

Tech offices are known for their trendy designs, and these projects are no exception VIEW NOW >


Micro-apartments are a great solution for cities with an affordable housing crisis VIEW NOW >

In-House Gardens

These houses have incorporated nature within the interior spaces VIEW NOW >

Magnificent Loft Apartments

Some amazing loft interiors to get you inspired VIEW NOW >