Residential Photo Collections

Buildings That Blend In

With the use of mirrors, green roofs or other tricks, these architectural projects are cleverly hidden or integrated into their surrou... VIEW NOW >

Amazing Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

From luxury homes to cafes and restaurants, these spaces are great for outdoor dining and drinking VIEW NOW >

Island Homes & Resorts

Island living is what it's all about. Here is a collection of island homes and resorts that will allow you to daydream about winning th... VIEW NOW >

Amazing Libraries

Quietly browse through this collection of home and public libraries that go a little beyond your average reading nook VIEW NOW >

Minimalist Interiors

Nothing is out of place in these clean and minimal interior designs VIEW NOW >

Windsor Windows & Doors Pinnacle Collect...

Have a look at Windsor's windows & doors in use VIEW NOW >

Extraordinary Swimming Pools

It's hard not to feel relaxed when looking at these amazing swimming pools from around the world VIEW NOW >

Retirement Communities

These retirement homes aim to fulfil the needs of the ageing population creating safe environments that they can relax in so they can... VIEW NOW >

Minimalist White Homes

These homes show how less can be more VIEW NOW >

Modern Ranch Architecture

Ranches are synonymous with laid-back living, embracing an open layout, and feature a long, low profile. Here are some modern interpre... VIEW NOW >

Decadent Apartments

These interiors are the epitome of opulence VIEW NOW >

Urban Infills

Faced with an unforgiving constraint between two adjacent buildings, these architects found wonderful ways to fill the void VIEW NOW >

Off-The-Grid Homes

Here are some homes that are self-sufficient for people that want to go "off the grid" VIEW NOW >

Vintage Lake Cabins

Start planning your next getaway with these fantastic lake front cabins and lodges VIEW NOW >

Multi-Family Housing

A sample of multi-family housing from around the world VIEW NOW >

Homes for the Homeless

Let's see how different architects around different countries and regions are designing homes to provide shelter to the homeless VIEW NOW >

Desert Houses

Designing for hot, arid climates can be challenging, but these dwellings show how barren lands can be inspiration for the homes built... VIEW NOW >

Indoor-Outdoor Flow

These houses have been designed with indoor-outdoor flow in mind VIEW NOW >


Micro-apartments are a great solution for cities with an affordable housing crisis VIEW NOW >

Barn Inspired Homes

These homes capture the qualities and characteristics of barns while incorporating some modern building details VIEW NOW >

Impressive Cabins

Beautiful, innovative and uniquely designed cabins that guarantee you never get cabin fever VIEW NOW >

Industrial Homes

Structural members such as steel beams, concrete columns, trusses and girders that are often left hidden, can be used to give an indust... VIEW NOW >

Magnificent Loft Apartments

Some amazing loft interiors to get you inspired VIEW NOW >

Net Zero-Energy Homes

Net Zero Energy Homes are high performance houses which are so energy efficient, that a renewable energy system can offset all or most... VIEW NOW >

Modern Stone Homes

Incredible homes that utilize stone, a texturally rich and core building material of past civilizations to create new spaces or augment... VIEW NOW >

Stunning Modern Glass Houses

Brilliant works of architecture that incorporate and use glass in innovative ways VIEW NOW >

Stunning Wood Clad Homes

Wood is a material with rich texture, variation and warmth VIEW NOW >

Homes with Green Roofs

Green Roofs contribute to environmentally conscious building practices VIEW NOW >

Modern Tiny Homes

Elegant and modern homes with small footprints VIEW NOW >

Fantastic Beach Homes

Take a look at how the design of these waterfront homes take advantage of the natural beauty in their surroundings in different ways VIEW NOW >

6 Modern Concrete Homes

Concrete is a diverse building material that can be used to create dynamic and creative spaces VIEW NOW >