I cant download any BIM object from your resource whats the reason ?


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Answers (5)

Liz, Modlar Administrator • Aug 22

Hi Shanlinika, this is where you can find the community objects: https://www.modlar.com/bim-cad-sharing .

Liz, Modlar Administrator • Aug 22

Hi Shanlinika, unfortunately that product does not have any BIM/CAD files so also no Revit files. The objects in our Products section belong to the respective brands, so the rights remain with the brand. The objects in our Community BIM/CAD section have been posted by users specifically to share with others. I hope that answers your questions.

Shalinika, Student • Aug 21

https://www.modlar.com/brands/fontanot-uk/techne-linear-spiral-staircase/not able to download as revit model also the download option is greyed so is it plaigiarism if we use your objects for refrence

Liz, Modlar Administrator • Aug 6

Hi uday, could you give me an example of a BIM object you are trying to download so 'i can have a look into this?

Siva, Engineer • Aug 3