Glass Questions


Reliable as a Wall Section?

Maryam, Student • 2020

Would this space frame approximation in the section be acceptable as a space frame wall section?


Help download file?

Scott, Industrial Designer • 2019

Can I download a high rez. photo? There is no download icon and the image icon is greyed out. Thanks


material of yellow frames

Gabriel, Architect • 2019

hi there, are steel panels the material of the frames and are they attached to a concrete wall or steel frame? thanks in advace! g


What is the project program

Hajeer, Architect • 2018

I want to do case study about this building and l need the program


Copyrights for Photos of new

Matthias, Project Manager • 2018

Dear Modlar community, Who can help me? I'm planning to use photos or renderings of the new Mexico City Airport in a brochure an in our reference list. The company I'm working for produced and delivered the drainage channels for this project and we want to share thi... Read More

Matthias, Project Manager

Hi Liz, Thanks a lot. I'll get in contact with them. 1 More Answer


Do you happen to know the fu

Valen, Student • 2018

Especially the sofa or lounge decorated at the public waiting area... I want to know the brand of the furniture that is being used by the public at some waiting area especially the dark blue sofa. And its not in any of these pictures though.... here's the link of th... Read More

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Valen, unfortunately I do not have that information. You could try getting in touch with the project's architect.


Don't you think Singapore an

zhiguo, Architect • 2018
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Zhiguo, thank you for bringing this error to our attention. I have corrected country for this project now. Please feel free to get in touch again if you find any other errors in the photo section.


How can we get more informat

FOTIOS, Engineer • 2017
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Fotios, during my research I didn't find anything about the ventilation system and even after a check on Herzog & de Meuron's website, there is nothing about ventilation. It is a good read though with lots of great information about the project:


What is your favorite airpor

Liz, Modlar Administrator • 2017
Roger, Architect



where is translate?

diego, Architect • 2017
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Diego, unfortunately we do not have a translation service for the website. However, if you copy and paste the description into Google Translate, you will hopefully get a good idea of the text. 2 More Answers


How to model and build these

Alaa, Student • 2017

I know programs like revit and others can make 3D models for these curves but how to apply it on reality? Do they use just cables tell connect the curved wooden ceiling with the slab? Or they used other materials and techniques.

Jeffrey, Student

Hi Alaa As you already know, there are many ways to obtain this design. Option 1: Cables with a structure perpendicular to the finish material "wood" Or Option 2: It would be a grid for suspended ceiling with cables. But the best ways is to look for the specification of the product from a company of your area. Take care


What does the paintbrush tab

Derek, Architect • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Derek, The paintbrush tab shows you the colour palette in the photo. Thought you may also like to know that other features are coming soon! Thanks, Lucille 1 More Answer

Building Products

Is this ok to use in residen

Ernest, Architect • 2017

Is this ok to use in residential, new england climate

Lucille N

Hi Ernest, It would be best to check with the manufacturer to ensure it is okay to use. Thanks


who is the architect

michael, Architect • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Michael, the architect is Santiago Calatrava. Thanks.


How do i download a revit fi

Caroline, Engineer • 2017

I would like to download this please

Lucille N

Hi there, we currently don't have revit files available for these inspiration photos. Here is a revit file for a different fireplace Thanks