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Color Trends at Design and C

Feb 2

While white held strong, we saw bold & bright colors trending at the IBS & KBIS floors.Below, we've compiled a slideshow of manufacturers who displayed a creative play of colors in their products.

Fifty Shades of Brutalism


What is it about stripping down walls to bare concrete, that is so powerful and evocative? Would living inside a cold, grey block make you feel like you were trapped, or free? Would it change the secrets you choose to keep and the desires you choose to share?We've f... Read More

BIM Takes Disney Project to


Disney theme parks are renowned for imaginative design, so it comes without surprise that one of their latest projects is situated to break precedents. Slated to open in 2015, the Enchanted Storybook CastleĀ is currently being designed for Disney Shanghai Resort... Read More

Top 10 BIM Questions Asked o


With Modlar's specifier base increasing every day, we like to keep a handle on what's being talked about in the community.Here are 10 interesting questions that have been asked in the last few weeks. Feel free to help answer them, or submit a question of your very o... Read More

A Look at Transitional Archi


In the wake of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand in 2011, a new form of architecture has been on the rise. The natural disaster and its subsequent seismic events demolished 80% of the city, leaving Christchurch with a dire need to reb... Read More

WATCH: Growing Furniture out


From floating infrastructure with lights that change color based on water quality, to chairs bred from the confines of a petri dishes, a New York-based design firm is discovering ways bacteria can produce physical material.Watch below to to see how how bacteria coul... Read More

More Manufacturers Join Modl


With over 58,000 subscribers, Modlar is certainly having an impact on the AEC community. We're excited to announce even more manufacturers that have placed their building products in Modlar's online library.As catalogs and brochures continue to be supplemented with... Read More

New Building Product Manufac


Building Information Modeling is undoubtedly having a massive impact on the AEC community, and product manufacturers are taking note. Modlar is happy to announce partnerships with an exciting batch of new manufacturers this spring, with free 3D downloads of their it... Read More

An Update from the 2014 AIA


As previously mentioned, Modlar is exhibiting in the 2014 AIA National Convention. Our team is about to embark on day 2, and were having an incredible time introducing Modlar to other expo participants!Held at the McCormick Center in Chicago, IL, the AIA Convention... Read More

Watch Out, it's Wall Week!


Providing area definition, as well as support and shelter, walls are the foundation of nearly every building structure. For our new Product of the Week, we'll be showing you some of our favorite wall-related products from Modlar's BIM Library!We offer a variety of w... Read More

Cool Down with Fridge Week!


#TableWeek was a success! We're so glad we got to showcase a variety of products from manufacturers like Knightsbridge Furniture, EX Design Group, and Kler. This week, we're heading back to the kitchen and drawing inspiration from products essential for food storage... Read More

New Products Bring Welcome W


As it was previously announced, several building product manufacturers have just signed on to be featured in Modlar's BIM marketplace. Because we're rolling out so many new products in the coming month, we've decided to have Welcome Week!A variation on our Product o... Read More

Welcome, Window Week!


Uniting the interior with the exterior, windows offer exposure to the outside world from the comfort of being indoors. Buildings and homes are often designed around their openings, so were excited to introduce windows as our new Product of the Week!Modlar offers a v... Read More

Announcing Modlar's MODster


As youre probably well aware, change is in the air at Modlar. Weve got some exciting new promotions in store, and we want you to get involved! 3D printing is all the rage in the AEC industry, and is set to revolutionize the way buildings are constructed. Several su... Read More

New Competition: The Autodes


Autodesk and CGarchitect have launched a new competition; the Autodesk Excellence in Infrastructure. This new annual competition showcases exemplary use of BIM for civil infrastructure. The competition rewards the use of the technology to plan, design, build and man... Read More

Gardens by the Bay Wins the


Well done to Singapore's Gardens by the Bay who won this years World Building of the Year, the top prize at World Architecture Festival! Wilkinson Eyre Architects won the award for the design of the Cooled Conservatories, but it was acknowledged that this was a te... Read More

Facebook Plans Expansion of


Facebook is planning to expand their campus! After their IPO on the stock market, Facebook has decided to add to its campus by building a huge new addition designed by world-renowned architect, Frank Gehry. The new extension hopes to hold up to 2,800 engineers once... Read More

World's First: Floating Leis


Baca Architects is working in collaboration with ZM Architecture and have created a design for a floating urban quarter. Along with developers Floating Concepts, these architects are creating the world's first floating leisure village. Located on the Clyde Waterfron... Read More

Why Product Manufacturers Sh


An increasing trend in the industry is product manufacturers creating BIM-based libraries of their products. What this ultimately means is that manufacturers are now supporting designers (architects, contractors and interior designers) by allowing them to incorporat... Read More

BIM for Interiors


The worlds tallest building will hopefully will be built by January 2013 in China. Has work already started? The answer is no, instead the building will be built in only 90 days! How, you ask? Prefabrication. About 95% of the building will be built before work has... Read More

Cardinia Civic Centre Design


The Cardinia Civic Centre is an exciting new project that is expected to be completed late 2013. DesignInc designed and documented the building using Revit, so its fantastic to see BIM being used to create such a building. Revit Structure and Revit MEP models were a... Read More

Darren Tims from Rice Daubne


Below is a great video of Darren Tims from Rice Daubney Architects in Australia.In the video Darren gives a fantastic overview of how Rice Daubney are using BIM (Building Information Modeling) in their work flow and the benefits they are gaining from it. This is esp... Read More

Living on the sea with BIM


Here's an interesting concept from the designers at Wally Power. It's a concept of a large new type of boat (almost island) designed to be a stable place to live on.From the wally site: A private island of unimaginable space, light and tranquility, it is the worlds... Read More

Christchurch cardboard cathe


Rock star Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, has recently revealed a proposed new cardboard cathedral for Christchurch. The actual Christchurch Cathedral suffered quite badly in the recent earthquakes. This proposed cardboard cathedral has had mixed reviews from locals... Read More

Interior renders


A new interior render has just been upload to our Rendering and Visualisation gallery. This show cases some of the features which make our renders stand out from the crowd. All of our renders are produced using full Global Illumination and Radiosity. This is the mos... Read More

New organic garden and lands


We are now doing Hi-res photo realistic animations and renders of gardens and landscapes. This is a wonderful way for landscape designers to communicate their designs to clients. We have uploaded one new garden image to our render section (with more coming soon!). T... Read More