World's First: Floating Leisure Village

  • World's First: Floating Leisure Village
  • World's First: Floating Leisure Village
Baca Architects is working in collaboration with ZM Architecture and have created a design for a floating urban quarter. Along with developers Floating Concepts, these architects are creating the world's first floating leisure village. Located on the Clyde Waterfront in Pacific Quay, the Casting Basin will be home to a new community of houses, restaurants, shops, offices, a marina and a roof-top concert arena.

The community is centered around a new floating access spine, providing connections across the basin, which is reached by a bridge.

The 30 million Euro village project will include floating buildings of two and three story office buildings, studio flats and town houses with their own private moorings, ranging in size from 1000 to 3500 sq.ft

Floating Leisure Village

The project looks extremely exciting and is expected to be finished in 2020. Since the UK government's BIM requirements are coming soon, I'm hoping that they will be using BIM in this project. We will definitely track the progress and see if they release any BIM images.

Sources: Clyde Waterfront and Baca Architects

Images Source: Baca Architects


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