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Introducing Modlar Projects

Jan 14

We were excited to see Modlar helping architects around the world to discover and specify building products and explore design inspiration but we did not want to stop at that. We wanted to enable architects to work more efficiently, to save design ideas and produ... Read More


Sep 27

Today, technology influences many aspects of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. It's deeply ingrained in all stages, from the moment a concept is designed to the day-to-day execution in a construction site. Mobile collaboration, drones, weara... Read More

Introducing Modlar's Powerfu

Sep 7

Making Modlar easier and fun to use has been our top priority for 2016. We're excited to announce our powerful new search, which allows you to search for products efficiently helping you to focus on achieving smart, efficient designs. How we've made search even ea... Read More

Zaha Hadid: Queen of the cur

Apr 4

Zaha Hadid buildings are distinctively neo-futuristic, characterized by powerful, curving forms of elongated structures.Regarding her work, Hadid stated, "There are multiple perspective points and fragmented geometry to evoke the chaos of modern life."The... Read More

7 Iconic Buildings turning g


From Empire State Building turning orange, white and green to Sydney's Opera House, from Dublin castle to Dubai's Burj Al Arab hotel, from Leaning tower of Piza to Rome's Colosseum and Vienna's Burgtheater, take a look at these buildings turning green for St Patric... Read More

Color Trends at Design and C


While white held strong, we saw bold & bright colors trending at the IBS & KBIS floors.Below, we've compiled a slideshow of manufacturers who displayed a creative play of colors in their products.

Top Building & Construction


With technology making its way into the building industry, more and more construction apps are appearing on both iTunes and Google Play. Take a look at our overview of some of the most popular, and compare your thoughts below!Construction Master ProCompatible for bo... Read More

Modernism Week 2015


For all of last week, Palm Springs hosted Modernism Week, an annual celebration that showcases the desert city's world-renowned architecture. According to the event's website, "the mission of Modernism Week is to celebrate and foster appreciation of mid-century... Read More

Fifty Shades of Brutalism


What is it about stripping down walls to bare concrete, that is so powerful and evocative? Would living inside a cold, grey block make you feel like you were trapped, or free? Would it change the secrets you choose to keep and the desires you choose to share?We've f... Read More

20 Great Finds at KBIS/IBS 2


The 2015 International Builders' and Kitchen & Bath Industry shows may have wrapped up last week, but we're still thinking about how great they were!In addition to meeting some of the industry's best builders and designers, we had a lot of fun exploring the show... Read More

Watch IBS 2015 LIVE! - Modla


Not attending this year's International Builders' Show or KBIS? Modlar's got you covered!We're broadcasting the show, live from booth C6147. Catch a glimpse of IBS 2015 in the live stream below!

10 Booths You Can't Miss at


Only days left until IBS 2015! Now that you know what to expect at the show, you should also have an idea of which booths to visit. Here are some of our top picks:1. Organized Living This manufacturer of storage/organization products will be giving away an organized... Read More

10 Things to Expect at IBS 2


Exhibiting at IBS for the first time? We've got you covered. Here are the top 10 things you can expect if you're participating in the 2015 International Builders' Show:1. The Las Vegas Convention Center is massive, and IBS will account for 476,000 net square feet of... Read More

BIM Takes Disney Project to


Disney theme parks are renowned for imaginative design, so it comes without surprise that one of their latest projects is situated to break precedents. Slated to open in 2015, the Enchanted Storybook Castle is currently being designed for Disney Shanghai Resort... Read More

Top 10 BIM Questions Asked o


With Modlar's specifier base increasing every day, we like to keep a handle on what's being talked about in the community.Here are 10 interesting questions that have been asked in the last few weeks. Feel free to help answer them, or submit a question of your very o... Read More

Modlar Reaches $50M in Month


Over the past 30 days, Modlar has generated $50 million in specification value. Since establishing our corporate offices in San Francisco in January, we have continued to grow specification value by 15%, month over month. This is determined by the number of buildin... Read More

Greetings from Greenbuild 20


Team Modlar is currently walking the floor at GreenBuild 2014, and it's been great to see so many innovative and sustainable products, as well as incredible booth displays.The expo is taking place October 22-23 in New Orleans, and it is the world's largest conferenc... Read More

A Look at Transitional Archi


In the wake of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand in 2011, a new form of architecture has been on the rise. The natural disaster and its subsequent seismic events demolished 80% of the city, leaving Christchurch with a dire need to reb... Read More

WATCH: Growing Furniture out


From floating infrastructure with lights that change color based on water quality, to chairs bred from the confines of a petri dishes, a New York-based design firm is discovering ways bacteria can produce physical material.Watch below to to see how how bacteria coul... Read More

More Manufacturers Join Modl


With over 58,000 subscribers, Modlar is certainly having an impact on the AEC community. We're excited to announce even more manufacturers that have placed their building products in Modlar's online library.As catalogs and brochures continue to be supplemented with... Read More

Specifiers Have Chosen


When it comes to searching for products to specify, Modlar is the preferred choice for AEC professionals.As seen on Google Trends, our incredible network of 70,000+ specifiers, from over 17,500 firms, have made us the design industry's top resource for building prod... Read More

New Building Product Manufac


Building Information Modeling is undoubtedly having a massive impact on the AEC community, and product manufacturers are taking note. Modlar is happy to announce partnerships with an exciting batch of new manufacturers this spring, with free 3D downloads of their it... Read More

Come on in, it's Door Week!


Separating the outside from indoors, doors can open up brand new worlds. For our new Product of the Week, were celebrating doors, bringing you some of our favorite door products from Modlars BIM Library!We offer a variety of doors and door accessories from manufactu... Read More

Dry Off with Towel Week


With summer in full blast, you've probably been spending quite a bit of time at the pool or beach. Modlar also wants to soak up the summer fun, so we're celebrating Towel Week, and showing off some of our favorite towel-related products!A range of towel accessories... Read More

Light Up with LED Week


We hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend, and to keep things lit up like the 4th of July sky, we're going to take a look at some products that will illuminate your world!For our new Product of the Week, the theme is LED lighting. Modlar offers LED products from m... Read More

10 Greatest Things About AIA


Team Modlar has just returned from an outstanding exhibition at the 2014 AIA National Convention, and the show was a smashing success!With thousands of attendees and exhibitors, we had a great time introducing our brand to several new audiences, as well as catching... Read More

An Update from the 2014 AIA


As previously mentioned, Modlar is exhibiting in the 2014 AIA National Convention. Our team is about to embark on day 2, and were having an incredible time introducing Modlar to other expo participants!Held at the McCormick Center in Chicago, IL, the AIA Convention... Read More

Let's Celebrate AIA Week!


In a few days, Modlar will be attending the 2014 AIA National Convention. Held in Chicago from June 26-28, this trade show brings together the worlds brightest architects, designers, and innovators. In honor of our participation, we've decided to showcase items from... Read More

RTC North America 2014


The Revit Technology Conference is an annual idea exchange, geared toward everyone in the Autodesk Revit-based community. Founded and run by users of the software, RTC North America 2014 will take place June 19 - 21, in Chicago, IL.Modlars VP of Global Sales and Bus... Read More

Watch Out, it's Wall Week!


Providing area definition, as well as support and shelter, walls are the foundation of nearly every building structure. For our new Product of the Week, we'll be showing you some of our favorite wall-related products from Modlar's BIM Library!We offer a variety of w... Read More

Get Ready for Grill Week!


Summer is just about here, so we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the products that make the warmer months more enjoyable! For our new Product of the Week, the spotlight is on our exciting library of built-in grilling products, fit to compliment... Read More

May Recap


Spring brought impressive numbers for Modlar, with the month of May demonstrating even more steady growth!On average, 4 items were downloaded per specifier, with a total of 15,033 downloads for the month. In turn, that generated a specification value of $30,066,000,... Read More

Submerge into Washer Week


#ShowerWeek was a success, and we plan to keep things flowing. For our new Product of the Week, we'll be showcasing a variety of washing machines that will be sure to start up your spin cycle!Our BIM Library boasts washing machines from leading manufactuers like Bos... Read More

Soak Up Shower Week


We loved showcasing all of our incredible stone manufacturers with #StoneWeek, but now we're taking things back indoors. This week, the focus is on showers, and we've got an exciting selection fit to compliment any bathroom!Modlar offers a variety of shower products... Read More

Pave the Way for Stone Week!


From mountain lodges, to coastal homes, stones are incredible building materials for a variety of structures. We've recently added new stone manufacturers to our BIM Library under the Finishes and Interior categories, so it comes without surprise that stones are our... Read More

Autodesk Fabrication Facilit


Relied upon for decades by the AEC community, Autodesk has built its reputation as being a source for cutting-edge software. It comes as no surprise that the company would foster an intriguingly innovative fabrication facility, described by employees as the "w... Read More

Cool Down with Fridge Week!


#TableWeek was a success! We're so glad we got to showcase a variety of products from manufacturers like Knightsbridge Furniture, EX Design Group, and Kler. This week, we're heading back to the kitchen and drawing inspiration from products essential for food storage... Read More

Shedding "Light" on Open Sou


Prior to starting his own business, Anthony Light found himself unsatisfied with his traditional job, where money was the ultimate incentive in performing well. Upon realizing that bonuses and commissions were hindering his creativity, Light decided to seek career f... Read More

Let's Talk Tables


#HVACweek has passed, but we were happy to showcase some of our favorite heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products from Modlar's BIM Library.This week, we're featuring a multifaceted item found just about everywhere. Serving as both an interior and exterio... Read More

Plumbing & Washroom Products


As a pioneer in the commercial plumbing industry, Bradley Corporation has been manufacturing impressive washroom products for over 90 years. The AEC community looks to Bradley for innovative specifications, and Modlar is happy to have an exciting assortment of their... Read More