New Competition: The Autodesk Excellence in Infrastructure

  • New Competition: The Autodesk Excellence in Infrastructure
Autodesk and CGarchitect have launched a new competition; the Autodesk Excellence in Infrastructure. This new annual competition showcases exemplary use of BIM for civil infrastructure. The competition rewards the use of the technology to plan, design, build and manage infrastructure projects. The competition extends to several industries including water and energy, land development, transportation, urban planning and subdivisions.

HYDROCHINA Kunming Engineering Corporation (KHIDI) was the first winner of the Autodesk Excellence in Infrastructure award with their hydropower station project. While Clark County Public Works (US interstate highway exchange), and Stantec Consulting (academic centre in the USA) were in second and third place.

The three winners were selected by a panel of judges from 44 submissions.

Entries were judged based on several factors including sustainability factors and the overall value Autodesk software and BIM provided, including taking into account whether BIM was used to plan, design, build or manage the projects.

The KHIDI team used Autodesks softwares in the Design and Creation suites (including Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler) to do many things, including:

  • enable BIM workflows for the design of hydraulic structures

  • surveying

  • clash detection

  • presentations for stakeholders

Xuelei Wu, a BIM project team member at KHIDI, stated that BIM greatly improved their design quality, helped to collaborate designs, helped to estimate the construction volumes and allowed the team to take virtual interactive walkthroughs.

Great to see new recognition for civil infrastructure and the role BIM plays in these projects!

Source: Autodesk

Image Source: Infrastructure Excellence

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