Why Product Manufacturers Should Use BIM

  • Why Product Manufacturers Should Use BIM
  • Why Product Manufacturers Should Use BIM
  • Why Product Manufacturers Should Use BIM
  • Why Product Manufacturers Should Use BIM

An increasing trend in the industry is product manufacturers creating BIM-based libraries of their products. What this ultimately means is that manufacturers are now supporting designers (architects, contractors and interior designers) by allowing them to incorporate their products in their building information models easily.

At the moment BIM software include libraries of generic components, providing parametric families for such components as doors, walls, kitchen cabinetry and stairs, but do not provide specific manufactures components, for designers to use in their projects. But over the years many saw the way forward; providing manufacturer-specific products/libraries. The advantage for using BIM is that there is the ability to add information to components (or products), such as specific product details (product number, performance etc.).

Several factors push the trend for more detailed BIM models:

-Wanting to convey design ideas better

-Wanting more accurate energy analysis

-Wanting evaluations of how specific products perform in a specific design contexts

-Wanting much earlier cost estimation information and specification applications

-Wanting, throughout the building process, to create detailed 3D visualizations

It is all these factors that have pushed manufacturers to create their own BIM-based libraries of their products and the AEC industry wanting such content.

The AEC industry itself needs constant collaboration with manufacturers, especially with the increasing complexity of buildings and time constraints, to increase efficiency in the design, procurement, construction, maintenance and operation.

Manufacturers need to implement an integrated BIM approach, one which allows a flow of information from manufacturer to the AEC industry and building owners and operators. Such an approach will allow all to access intelligent representations of products; its geometry and performance and may even include information such as contact information and cost.

If manufacturers are able to collaborate with those in the AEC industry or even interior design industry by providing them the information (BIM models), both efficiently (on time and widely available) and effectively (in the most suitable format) then they are already a preferred partner. It is therefore those manufacturers that will be favored and become involved in the early specification stages of the project, which means their products will be designed into the facility, ultimately securing a very likely purchasing customer.

Here at BIMstop we can offer manufacturers and fabricators the ability to achieve the goals as mentioned above both effectively and efficiently. We create BIM models for you, no matter the complexity, and distribute your models, both on our website and through your marketing channels. To find out more see our manufacturers page.

Sources: "BIM and Building Product Manufacturers" Whitepaper by Autodesk, Inc and CIMdata.

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