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Does Gerkin have Revit famil

Ricardo, Architect • 2022

Does Gerkin have Revit families?

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Ricardo, you are absolutely right. Whenever we get the chance to talk to the brands whose products we show in our database, we tell them that it is important to have BIM/CAD files, especially Revit. 2 More Answers


material of yellow frames

Gabriel, Architect • 2019

hi there, are steel panels the material of the frames and are they attached to a concrete wall or steel frame? thanks in advace! g


What is the project program

Hajeer, Architect • 2018

I want to do case study about this building and l need the program


Do you happen to know the fu

Valen, Student • 2018

Especially the sofa or lounge decorated at the public waiting area... I want to know the brand of the furniture that is being used by the public at some waiting area especially the dark blue sofa. And its not in any of these pictures though.... here's the link of th... Read More

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Valen, unfortunately I do not have that information. You could try getting in touch with the project's architect.


How can we get more informat

FOTIOS, Engineer • 2017
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Fotios, during my research I didn't find anything about the ventilation system and even after a check on Herzog & de Meuron's website, there is nothing about ventilation. It is a good read though with lots of great information about the project:


What is your favorite airpor

Liz, Modlar Administrator • 2017
Roger, Architect



What is your favorite castle

Liz, Modlar Administrator • 2017

We don't build a lot of castles anymore nowadays, which is a shame if you ask me. Do you have a favorite castle?

Richard, Procurement

Swallow's Nest Castle in Ukraine catches my eye, but that might be due to the location...

Building Products

Is this ok to use in residen

Ernest, Architect • 2017

Is this ok to use in residential, new england climate

Lucille N

Hi Ernest, It would be best to check with the manufacturer to ensure it is okay to use. Thanks

Building Products

Arcadia TC670 Series BIM mod

James, Architect • 2015
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

I guess you have found the issues with ArchiCAD object, most of our ArchiCAD object have got password protected to avoid the error when user try to directly open the object file. You can load object into the project library and use it in the project normally without open it, and you change settings through the object interface settings as wel...

Building Products

There are currently no BIM f

SoulGarden, Architect • 2015
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

This product does not have BIM files available, please feel free to send us the request and we will pass it onto the manufacturer for you. Thanks.

Having problems with getting

miked • 2014

I am having a problem whereby when i place my window in the correct position, the sill gets cut which does not allow me to fix.

Revit 2014 to 2015, damaged

gregco • 2014

how would i solve this dilemma so that my new version behaves like the older one.

BIMx: how to share?

Amado • 2012

I want to show my clients my BIM models, is BIMx the easiest way to share it with them.

Additionally, the BIMx Community Site provides means for you to post it on there. 2 More Answers