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Comprehensive BIP Green Roof

d, Student • 2016

hello! looks amazing but there is no bim file in it only a pdf. I would like to use it for my project for school. can you make a file of it that i can import in archi cad?

d, Student

Hi cooper, I did but they dont react :) can you help me? 1 More Answer

BIM/CAD Software

How I can use that family in

wassim, Architect • 2016

Internal wall finish

BIM/CAD Software

Do I need a password to open

Henrik • 2016

I downloaded (for the first time) an object from your site and when I wanted to open it in ArchiCAD I was asked for a password. I tried the one I used to sign in on your page, but without any success. How does it work?

Scott, Architect

Hi, this is because you have tried to open the object file's script, which is locked by the manufacturer.. In order to use the archicad object you need to add it to your ArchiCAD project. This can be done by adding it via your archicad library manager. Hope that helps!

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How to make corner curtain w

moidin, Architect • 2016
Brent, Architect Office - Other

.rfa is a Revit Family file extension 2 More Answers

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Omni-Ecosystems the bim zip

john, Architect • 2016

I downloaded the Omni-Ecosystems bim zip file, but it appears to be empty.Has anyone else had this problem, or knows how I can fix it?

Mike, Modlar Administrator

Thanks for letting us know, we will inform the manufacturer and hopefully they will have bim files available soon.

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When I use your Furniture in

aghil, Architect • 2016

Can you please tell me why that is?

aghil, Architect

Thnks for answer but i cant see For example (Door-Exterior-Simpson-Nantucket-Quarter_Arch_Glass-Single) material in revit, image is lost 1 More Answer

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When trying to import the fi

Gobels • 2015
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

I guess you have found the issues with ArchiCAD object, most of our ArchiCAD object have got password protected to avoid the error when user try to directly open the object file. You can load object into the project library and use it in the project normally without open it, and you change settings through the object interface settings as wel...