Construction Questions


Conventional and Innovative:

Karissa A, Architect • Nov 22

From structural to aesthetics, the various functions and practical applications of wood in architectural buildings such as churches, government, residential and commercial structures will always be underrated. Starting from the traditional, conventional wood frame... Read More

James X, Designer



Architecture + Engineering:

Karissa A, Architect • Oct 21

An emerging construction design trend deviating from the conventional methods, space frame technology marries the three pillars of architecture - utilitas (function), firmitas (structural) and venustas (aesthetics). Known for its lightweight structure, the spatial... Read More


Floating Structures: Design

Lucia R, Architect • Oct 12

Floating houses could be an answer to big-city population problems: cities like London, Tokyo and Shanghai, with plenty of water around and little room to spare, could benefit from this method of building. It could also provide a solution for cities prone to inunda... Read More


Achieving Organic Shaped Str

Lucia R, Architect • Aug 23

Organic structures, shape-wise, are the opposite of orthogonal ones: they often don't follow straight lines and shapes, which makes them a little more difficult to achieve using traditional methods of construction and retail materials. That being said, organic stru... Read More


Placing your stamp on concre

Veronica R, Other • Aug 22

Stamped Concrete Concrete stamps, which are made of polyurethane or metal, have inlaid designs that are available in various decorative patterns and textures. The stamps may also be made to look like other building materials such as stone, wood or brick, or have a... Read More

Mark H, Other

There are easy solutions to protect those surfaces. Here's one type: 1 More Answer


How to solve common concrete

Veronica R, Other • Aug 16

Concrete is a versatile and durable artificial stone which is made by mixing aggregate and water. It can be cast to form almost any shape and is used not just to build structures, but for driveways, built-in furniture, roads, sidewalks, dams and bridges. Concrete i... Read More


Floating homes - boats or bu

artlyn j, Designer • 2016

Are floating homes considered to be boats when it pertains to various building codes?

reidh b, Designer

The House Boat, came before building codes. They should be treated like a high quality trailer park. 1 More Answer


Biscuits used as a curtain o

Carrie M, Architect • 2016

It looks like wood, but does anyone know more about the kind of wood that's being used here. Clearly, the purpose is to make the interiors comfortable while dressing up the exterior looks.

artlyn j, Designer

The wood curtain elements here are made from Iroko, sometimes called an African Teak. Like any teak, it is a hardwood that is rot-resistant. It is also waterproof and fairly UV resistant. It's qualities make it a good material for exteriors as well as marine use.


How to achieve green / livin

pauly j, Other • 2016

Not your normal ivy-covered facade. Sprawling flora creates an uninterrupted screen over the elevation of each building that is connected by three walkways. These living facades always present tricky challenges around waterproofing, due to the number of poles and p... Read More

Mat R, Other

Fauna, ha funny. Yes it should read flora or maybe foliage would be more apt? 3 More Answers


How to use sheet metal cladd

miked m, Other • 2016

Sheet metal cladding is being used on a lot of iconic buildings lately (in some ways popularised by famous architects such as Frank Gehry). Although it gives a simple look, there is normally some tricky detailing going on as special care needs to be taken to allow f... Read More

Lucia R, Architect

while metal cladding is aesthetically pleasing, it could have its downsides. You have to be very careful with overheating, as metal is a great heat conductor. Rusting needs to be taken into consideration too, there are some metallic materials that rust on purpose to protect the rest of the structure (such as weathering steel aka corten steel)...


How to insulate thin timber

Carrie M, Architect • 2016

These exposed timber roofs always look fantastic, however what is the best way to insulate them? As there is obviously not a lot of empty space in them, it could be the reason the rooms would be freezing in winter.

Beth B, Architect

It looks to me like there are two "slabs" of approximately 4" thick each. My guess is this might be some sort of structural insulated panel (SIP) one on top of the other. Perhaps the required insulation here is not that high. In addition, there might be a much thicker roof system st pack from the thin profile that is visible. T... 8 More Answers


How can you achieve organic

pauly j, Other • 2016

There are numerous ways to achieve a organic forms with timber with timber cladding. Often the best way is with the use of thin timber strips, or thin sheet cladding.