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Why is this Not showing up i

Charlotte, Architect • 2021

This isn't showing up in the elevations. It does show up in plan. I have verified that plumbing fixtures, furniture and special equipment is showing in all view templates. It is listed as a plumbing fixture.

lloyd, Architect

Is this a Acad 3d file imported to Revit family file? If so, make sure it was imported to show up in all views.

Using Modlar

Can I just sign in once and

MAY, Architect • 2016
Mike, Modlar Administrator

Hi May, you have to sign up to download products and then you can download as many as you want.

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Why is the "BIM" file just a

Pat, Architect • 2016
Mike, Modlar Administrator

This Archicad object file size is about 116KB after extract the zip file. Could you please re-download and open it with ArchiCAD software to see if there is still a problem with the model?

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What's the difference of spe

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Looking at spec'ing either of these for a client's small apartment complex. Is Thermadaor worth the extra cost?

Philip, Architect

We replaced a Jenn-Air wall oven/microwave combination unit after it failed with a similar unit from Bosch. It failed after just a month. Bosch were utterly disorganized and disinterested in fixing the problem. Three months later and multiple long phone calls with half-trained monkeys in a customer service telephone pen, two circuit boards an... 2 More Answers

Building Products

What other BIM formats would

Miele, Manufacturer • 2012

We already provide Miele Australia's great range of appliances in 3 formats; Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD and Sketchup. What other BIM related formats would people find useful?

Mark, Architect

Why don't you have models for the HR series? 1 More Answer