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Material CSI Division
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10 73 00 Protective Covers Products

Mitten Building Products Modlar Brand
DOW Insulation

Dow Insulation provides continuous coverage and dramatic...

Mitten Building Products Modlar Brand
IKO Enerfoil Insulation

Insulation IKO Enerfoil is designed to be non-structura...

Mitten Building Products Modlar Brand
HomeGuard Housewrap

HomeGuard Housewrap products enhance the efficiency of y...

Raven Modlar Brand
VAPORBLOCK PLUS Series (20 Mil) Gas and Moisture Barrier

EVOH Multi-Layer Polyethylene - Gas and Moisture Barrier...

Raven Modlar Brand
DURA-SKRIM R Series (6-20 Mil) Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene

Diagonal Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene DURA-SKRIM R Ser...

Raven Modlar Brand
FEEDPRO-G™ Silage Cover

Tri-Layer Polyethylene FEEDPRO-G is a black/white tri-l...

Raven Modlar Brand
RUFCO 10 Series (6-40 Mil) Geomembrane

Medium Density Polyethylene (Mono-Layer) RUFCO 10 Serie...

Raven Modlar Brand
RUFCO E Series (15-30 Mil) Geomembrane

Enhanced Grip Surface Multi-Layer Polyethylene RUFCO E-...

Raven Modlar Brand
VAPORBLOCK Series (6-15 Mil) Underslab Vapor Barrier

VAPORBLOCK Series consist of high performance underslab ...

Raven Modlar Brand
GRAINMAX (6-12 Mil) Grain Covers

Diagonal Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene GRAINMAX Grain C...

Raven Modlar Brand
FEEDFRESH Silage Cover

FEEDFRESH is a ten-layer reinforced extrusion laminate. ...

Raven Modlar Brand
ABSOLUTE BARRIER Series Gas Containment Film

ABSOLUTE BARRIER Series is a seven-layer co-extruded geo...