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Change bulbs in 290 DS dayli

Charles, Engineer • 2017

When a bulb fails, how do you change it as the system seems to be sealed. Does it have to be disassembled?

Lucille N

Hi Charles, It may be best to contact the manufacturer directly for correct installation instructions. Please find their information here http://www.solatube.com/, and further product information found here http://www.solatube.com/commercial/brighten-up#add-ons. Thanks, Lucille

Building Products

Is it possible to get this i

Marie, Student • 2016

This lamp is perfect for my hotel exam!

Mike, Modlar Administrator

Unfortunately we don't have this product available in Archicad file format but we will pass your request to the manufacturer. Thanks

Building Products

Can I purchase focus lights

Mark, Architect • 2016
Mike, Modlar Administrator

Thank you for your interest in this product, unfortunately they do not market their products in US just yet due to the strict regulations for electric equipment.

BIM/CAD Software

Once I download this, how do

Kevin • 2016
Kero, Architect

Load Archicad object library into the project via File > Libraries and Objects > Library Manager, then you can review the objects via Toolbox. Hope this help.

Building Products

Would it be possible to get

Tom K • 2013

I am sure many people would appreciate it ;)

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

We have lighting products available in Revit file format in different brand like Delray Lighting, please try http://www.modlar.com/brands/delray-lighting/