Timber Questions


How to Construct Timber Roof

Veronica R, Other • Dec 14

The roof is probably one of the most, if not the most important part of a building as it protects everything inside a building - including its occupants. The roof truss is a strong, triangulated framework usually made from timber and provides support for a roof. Tr... Read More

Veronica R, Other

Yes, I will need to find a better photo showing truss framework next time and not just the triangular roof characteristic of truss construction. 1 More Answer


Conventional and Innovative:

Karissa A, Architect • Nov 22

From structural to aesthetics, the various functions and practical applications of wood in architectural buildings such as churches, government, residential and commercial structures will always be underrated. Starting from the traditional, conventional wood frame... Read More

James X, Designer



Achieving Organic Shaped Str

Lucia R, Architect • Aug 23

Organic structures, shape-wise, are the opposite of orthogonal ones: they often don't follow straight lines and shapes, which makes them a little more difficult to achieve using traditional methods of construction and retail materials. That being said, organic stru... Read More


How to strengthen timber fra

Anthony M, Engineer • Jun 16

Timber framed houses are considered to be weak and can easily be damaged on the onset of an earthquake or any other natural catastrophe. To prevent such scenarios one is advised to put into place structural modifications to strengthen the wooden frame. When building... Read More

Roy H, Engineer

Timber framed housing has performed extremely well here in Christchurch, New Zealand during the Canterbury Earthquakes in 2010. We design these homes to handle seismic loads and the solutions usually consist of braced wall panels from plasterboard, plywood or steel frames. The main area for attention is the connection to the roof and floor st... 4 More Answers


How to construct curved wood

Anthony M, Engineer • Jun 16

Wood has been used in the construction sector for an extended period. This has helped in coming up with great ideas of manipulating the regular appearance of the plain wood structure to more sophisticated and stylish designs. There are some ways to curve timber. How... Read More

Peter B, Manufacturer

Weiland offers curved products to blend into and complement the beauty of the surrounding architecture. Our All Wood, Aluminum Wood and All Aluminum products offer a high quality craftsmanship and blend well with the indoor/outdoor lifestyle. The curved doors can be built as tall as 12 feet high and as wide as needed depending on weight. Chec...


What's an efficient way to w

Carrie M, Architect • May 11

The handrail detail in this net-zero pre fab home looks really tricky from a water proofing point of view. I'm interested to know how it's been done.

David C, Designer

If timber floor structure face fix the handrail to the front of the floor structure with EPDM washers where the fixing meets the cladding. Bolt fixing through the boundary joists into a L Bracket which bolted to the joist beside. Have 4 baluster paosts, wih the end ones finishing 50mm away from the building. This way the handrail does not pen... 1 More Answer


How to achieve natural expos

pauly j, Other • 2016

This natural timber cladding looks fantastic and will weather very nicely. This project uses cedar which is then stained, but there are other many alternatives.

Scott B, Other

Yes this particular project is cedar (it's used a lot in New Zealand) where this is located. They usually stain it, then it will naturally weather over time turner grey. A really timeless natural look. 2 More Answers


How to insulate thin timber

Carrie M, Architect • 2016

These exposed timber roofs always look fantastic, however what is the best way to insulate them? As there is obviously not a lot of empty space in them, it could be the reason the rooms would be freezing in winter.

Beth B, Architect

It looks to me like there are two "slabs" of approximately 4" thick each. My guess is this might be some sort of structural insulated panel (SIP) one on top of the other. Perhaps the required insulation here is not that high. In addition, there might be a much thicker roof system st pack from the thin profile that is visible. T... 8 More Answers


How can you achieve organic

pauly j, Other • 2016

There are numerous ways to achieve a organic forms with timber with timber cladding. Often the best way is with the use of thin timber strips, or thin sheet cladding.