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how can i dowload this? i ha

kenneth, Architectural Draftsperson • Sep 24

how can i download this beautiful sofa

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Kenneth, unfortunately this product doesn't have any BIM/CAD files to download.

Building Products

Can I download this as a rev

Michelle, Architect • 2018
Muhammad, Architect

I think like same but possible if you not use fum but you can make it in carpet option. 1 More Answer

Building Products

hi im new here, where do I f

peter, Architect • 2018

do I get GDL library-object for archicad ?

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Peter, the product you saved to your folder doesn't have any BIM/CAD files attached to it. The first step to download ArchiCAD files is finding products with the right format, which you can do by searching for the product type and then ticking 'ArchiCAD' under the formats filter on the left hand side. Here is a blank search that will show...