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Can these chairs be stacked

Susan, Interior Designer • Dec 15

Can these chairs be stacked or put together to save space when storing? How much are they and how do I order? Sincerely, S. Brinkhuis

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Susan, I had a look at the brand's website for you, but there is not a lot of spec available for this product. I think your best bet is to ask the brand directly to get the right answer:

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Why cant i download some of

reenaz, Architect • Nov 27

is it available in a revit family format ?

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Reenaz, unfortunately this manufacturer does not have any BIM/CAD files. A large number of products on Modlar do have BIM/CAD files, however, and you can find them easiest by doing a search for any kind of product (or even type in nothing and hit the search bar) and then using the 'Formats' filter to find only products that have Revit file...

Building Products

Interested in pricing for P

Brec, Estimator • 2019

Please send me details regarding the Plasma lounge seating. I'm interested in how to purchase and pricing. Thank You.