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Where can download the compo

Yahaya, Architect • 2022
Michelle, Interior Designer

I'm looking for the same, thanks you for asking.

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I cannot find the downloaded

Gordon, Architect • 2022

Why can users not specify where they download to?

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Gordon, we have it set so that files are downloaded to your default Downloads folder. However, I will pass on your feedback to our dev department and we can look into the option of letting users choose the folder.

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Getting rid of polygons when

George, Engineer • 2021

Hey! Awesome design!! Do you know if there's a way to get rid of the polygonal lines when it's imported to Revit?

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Why is this objects dimensio

dougie, Architect Office - Other • 2019

how can this model be resized to be a more sensible size?

Rich M

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can i download model of bmw

Marija, Engineer • 2018

I tried to download the model but i cannot open (its zip file) and whatever i do this file disappears

Marija, Engineer

Ohhh so sorry for late replay :( Thank you so much Br, Marija 1 More Answer

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Please verify if the Revit f

Mark, Architect • 2017

Please confirm if the Revit awning zip folder had content or not. When I try to extract it, it is telling me that the zip file if empty. If possible, could the file be emailed to my address on file? [email protected] Thanks.

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Mark, The issue has been fixed, so any new files you download will be extractable. 1 More Answer

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How can I put this BIM Objec

Gaby • 2016

I want to put this ATM Machine in my project. Could anyone help me?

Mike, Modlar Administrator

You could try export the above Revit file to IFC and then load it into ArchiCAD project.