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Where can I buy this lamp? I

Omar, Student • Jan 28

I can't find a place to buy this lamp anywhere, please help me find a place to purchase it.

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Omar, This was a BIM object submitted by a user in 2017, so it might not be a current product for sale at the moment. It looks like it was from IKEA.

Building Products

Electric Power Station for E

Clifford, Engineer • 2020

Hi I download the content looking for a Revit format, do you have it in Revit. Thanks Clifford

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Clifford, unfortunately this object does not come in a Revit format.

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Why is there no Revit file i

Shomari, Architect • 2020

the file downloaded only had jpg's and a pdf. There was no Revit file in the zip file

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Shomari, unfortunately this is not a Revit object, but an 'Other 3D' object. If you can see a 'Revit' option in the Downloads tabs, then it will have a Revit file.

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Hello i still don't understa

Prosper, Student • 2019

There are different types of woven image materials, do i download them individually or how exactly? Again, please what's the essence for saving an image here in a folder?

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Prosper, some of Woven Image product pages have just one material, but most are grouped together so you get to download multiple files at a time. Saving to folders helps you keep track of your favorite products and photos, but to download files you need to be on each product's page and find the 'Download' button on the right-hand side. 1 More Answer

Building Products

One of the arms of my Farja

Wil, Project Manager • 2019
Wil, Project Manager

Hi Liz, thank you for your answer. I am going to contact them. Kind regards, Wil 1 More Answer