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Do you have a contact email

Angela, Interior Designer • 2017

Their website is not working.

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Angela, I do not have an email address for them, but I did notice their website is working now. You can get in touch with them here:


What is your favorite castle

Liz, Modlar Administrator • 2017

We don't build a lot of castles anymore nowadays, which is a shame if you ask me. Do you have a favorite castle?

Richard, Procurement

Swallow's Nest Castle in Ukraine catches my eye, but that might be due to the location...

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are any of the Nanawalls f

Vivien, Architect Office - Other • 2017
Lucille N

Hi, No, NanaWalls are not Fire Rated. However, they can be prepped to meet Egress Requirements.

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I liked the Nanawall Folding

Daniel, Architect • 2016

How do I find a distributor in Brazil? [Gostei do produto e gostaria de saber mais. Como encontrar um distribuidor no Brasil?]

Mike, Modlar Administrator

For more information on the product, please reach out to the manufacturer directly. Please let us know if that doesn't help & we can reach out on your behalf.

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How can I download the Comme

Joo • 2016

O que tenho que fazer para baixar esse modelo de porta

muito bom

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Does this product come in fi

Audrey • 2016

Thanks, Audrey

Hi Audrey! Are you meaning is it available in Douglas Fir? probably best to hit the button and contract the vendor, I'd say it is!

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How practical are NanaWall's

miked • 2015

How practical are NanaWall's frameless opening systems for residential houses? I love the look of them, but worry a little about heat loss...

Ryan C

NanaWall's doors and windows will meet current Title24 Standards for California and surrounding areas. Time should always be spent to verify the heat-gain/loss with a proper Title24 consultant or specialist. One of the biggest concerns we've heard from clients is that with modern-homes, or homes with smaller eave overhangs, there is a potenti...

Revit 2014 to 2015, damaged

gregco • 2014

how would i solve this dilemma so that my new version behaves like the older one.

how can i create a door fami

mohamed, Engineer • 2013

how can i create a door families from scratch with give the door the full features of the basic door family  so can you give me a full steps to start creating it and how can i edit an exicting door family 

To understand how to develop parametric door families, start by watching the hour long Autodesk University video AB110-1P (All in the Family - Creating Parametric Parts in Revit Architecture). 1 More Answer