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Creating the Look and Feel o

Veronica R • Aug 30

The ceiling is the part of a room that is sometimes overlooked. However, there are many different ways that you can create visual interest in a room just by adding a design to the ceiling alone. Updating the look of a room by transforming a plain ceiling is fairly... Read More


Finding and Designing the Ri

Lucia R, Architect • Oct 19

When it comes to ventilating an apartment, especially if it's small, you hit a couple of bumps. Houses are easier to ventilate, because they have more design options available; houses can make use of their roofs to ventilate using pressure differences and solar chi... Read More


How to Design a Perfect Cont

Lucia R, Architect • Sep 26

A large number of people spend a tremendous amount of time inside an office, and the design and layout can affect not only their mental health but their physical health too. Long gone are the days of grey cubicle offices, as more and more companies over the world a... Read More

Karissa A, Architect

To add up to that, Sick Building Syndrome is an occurrence wherein building environment suffers from poor indoor air quality, thereby causing hazards to occupant health. Not only can we consider the optimal thermal temperature and the heat radiation of appliances used, we also have to take note of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by...


Different Ways to Make Pixel

Lucia R, Architect • Sep 28

Pixelated surfaces can add a lot of character to a project, giving it movement and visual depth. Any surface can be pixelated, as long as its structural stability isn't compromised. There are different ways to designing a pixelated surface, that vary from strictly... Read More

Carrie M, Architect

Pixels add a second skin/layer to the buildings giving it a unique appearance. Pixelation on building facades provides endless opportunities to be creative with the design where openings can be used to let light in or let plants grow out. Also, pixelation can be done on a widde variety of materials from concrete to wood & metal etc.


Floating Structures: Design

Lucia R, Architect • Oct 12

Floating houses could be an answer to big-city population problems: cities like London, Tokyo and Shanghai, with plenty of water around and little room to spare, could benefit from this method of building. It could also provide a solution for cities prone to inunda... Read More


Placing your stamp on concre

Veronica R • Aug 22

Stamped Concrete Concrete stamps, which are made of polyurethane or metal, have inlaid designs that are available in various decorative patterns and textures. The stamps may also be made to look like other building materials such as stone, wood or brick, or have a... Read More

There are easy solutions to protect those surfaces. Here's one type: http://www.cslsilicones.com/en/protective-coatings/anti-graffiti/item/low-voc-spray-grade-anti-graffiti-protective-coating.html 1 More Answer


Insulation Methods for Shipp

Veronica R • Jun 29

A shipping container used as a residential or commercial space needs be insulated well if it is not designed in such a way that it cools or heats itself. This is especially true in areas with extremely hot or cold weather. You can properly insulate a container usin... Read More

Spray foam all the way. Then frame a wall inside the unit to hang Gyp and contain wires and plumbing. Anything else framed to the wall such as Z studs would transmit heat/cold. Any batts or ridgid insulation would create an airspace between insulation and steel shell which would allow for condensation to form inside your wall. I have little e... 3 More Answers


Creating the Ideal Indoor Ga

Veronica R • Sep 19

An indoor garden may include something as simple as plants on a shelf to an entire living wall, such as the three-story indoor vertical garden of an office building in Elche, Spain, or the living wall in Edmonton International Airport in Alberta, Canada. Whether in... Read More

Karissa A, Architect

Another thing to consider is the plant response from a lamp. There are different kinds of lamps with associated plant responses. Such example would be a high intensity discharge deluxe mercury (HG) or metal halide (MH) lamp contributing to the slow elongation of stems, development of multiple side shoots, expansion of green foliage and flower...


Utilizing Responsive Smart M

Karissa A, Architect • Oct 6

With all the hype regarding the use of automation in 21st century homes and the looming concerns regarding the global environment, understanding the smart materials from a product context entails us to move from micro to macro perspective. What can smart materials... Read More