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Help me to choose: ArchiCad

Binh, Architect • 2013

Now, I'm on a junction. I want to move from AutoCad to a BIM program. I know the 2 most popular BIM programs today are ArchiCad and Revit.I confused to make a decision to pick up one op them to study and improve my career .I'm in VietNam. Here, Revit seems to be use... Read More

So which software? Try both out and chose the one that will make you most excited to explore and absorb BIM. Because in the end what firms need are people who understand BIM. If your way into BIM is through ArchiCAD, go with ArchiCAD. If it''s through Revit, go with that program. But remember it''s about the path to BIM. That''s paramount. So... 12 More Answers


How do I save to my folder?

Daniel, Architect • 2017

No clear way to save to my designated folder!

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Daniel, When you click Save on a photo, it will ask you which folder you want it saved in. Make sure you have the right folder ticked and then click on the save button below again. You can also create a new folder instead of choosing one of the regular folders. If that doesn't work for you, please get back in touch to see what the issue is...

Building Products

Why is this a zip file for r

Sarah, Student • 2017

Trying to import this product in my project on revit

jayppie, Engineer

i can not download in my revit 1 More Answer

BIM/CAD Software

What software do you use mos

Liz, Modlar Administrator • 2017
Roger, Architect


Building Products

Why am I getting a request f

Tony, Architect • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Tony, can you provide the URL for the product you are having trouble with so I can check it for you? 2 More Answers

Building Products

I am looking for Revit conte

Gretchen, Architectural Draftsperson • 2017

Is there Revit/BIM components available on-line for YKK systems? YCW 750 XT YWW 50 T Please let me know where I may find this content if on-line.

Lucille N

Hi there, We will let the manufacturer know these models have been requested and see if any are available. Thanks, Lucille


What does the paintbrush tab

Derek, Architect • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Derek, The paintbrush tab shows you the colour palette in the photo. Thought you may also like to know that other features are coming soon! Thanks, Lucille