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Marketing Your BIM Objects -


In part two of our blog post on the best ways for manufacturers to market their BIM objects, we discuss the last 4 steps key to marketing your BIM objects. If you haven't read part one of" target="_blan... Read More

Marketing Your BIM Content -


What are the best ways for manufacturers to market their BIM objects? This 2 part blog will try to answer this question by showing you the best ways to market your BIM objects. Lets start by discussing the two main ways how customers download your BIM objects: Profe... Read More

Why Product Manufacturers Sh


An increasing trend in the industry is product manufacturers creating BIM-based libraries of their products. What this ultimately means is that manufacturers are now supporting designers (architects, contractors and interior designers) by allowing them to incorpora... Read More

BIMstop BIM activity feeds h


The BIMstop profile page is your unique home on BIMstop. Whether your a manufacturer or passionate BIM user, the profile allows everyone else to easily find your content. It also give you a fantastic way to share everything about you and BIM (Building Information Mo... Read More

Making BIM easier to explain


We're getting more interactive, starting with our BIM solutions for manufacturers page.Pictures tell a thousand words (so the saying goes), so our goal is to combine beautiful interactive graphics with great informative content to help explain our story and messages... Read More

BIM feedback loop


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is about speeding collaboration and effective feedback. One of the stake holders who have been mssing out on valuable feedback from projects are the manufacturers as they are often one or two steps removed from the process.Today w... Read More