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Why Product Manufacturers Sh


An increasing trend in the industry is product manufacturers creating BIM-based libraries of their products. What this ultimately means is that manufacturers are now supporting designers (architects, contractors and interior designers) by allowing them to incorpora... Read More

BIMstop private libraries -


We are releasing a great new and much requested feature today - BIMstop private libraries. A common request we get from BIM managers at firms big to small is a better way for them to manage their in house BIM library. Some firms don't want their users simply going o... Read More

BIMstop and Box integration


New BIMstop and integration makes library storage and management even easier. Managing your company's vast BIM content library is fast becoming an issue in many enterprises. As your team needs to all be using the latest files and have easy access to them no... Read More

How do you search your BIM l


We are doing a bit of research at the moment into the best way to browse and search large content libraries. As our content library at grows larger by the day, we still want users to be easily able to search and easily find what they are looking for. We... Read More

Library layouts


Library layouts are normally an after thought and each BIM user (be it Revit, ArchiCAD or Bentley) tends to have a different opinion on it and their own custom way of keeping everything organized.This is fine up until a certain point, when lots of people are involve... Read More