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TruStile BIM content now ava


BIM content for TruStile is now available on BIMstop. All content can be downloaded from TruStile's BIM profile here: It's great to see a high-end manufacturing company such as TruStile supporting Building Information Mo... Read More

Polyflor BIM content update


We've pushed an update to the Polyflor BIM objects available on our network. All of the updated content can be accessed from Polyflor's BIM profile here: Polyflor's BIM objects for Autodesk Revit and Graphisoft ArchiCAD allo... Read More - Our new look!


By now you've probably noticed our new look!BIMstop has been rebuilt from the ground up. We are excited to finally have this version 2 launched. As a part of this we are consolidated our brands Barrington Arch + BIMstop into the new BIMstop.comWe've got some great n... Read More

BIM content testimony


We've recently been running a survey to collect testimonies and insights into how architects & specifiers use BIM content (Revit families, ArchiCAD objects etc) and why they find it so valuable.The results will be reported here on this blog. With the first one h... Read More

What scale to model to?


One issue with the growing BIM (building information modeling) adoption is around standards. Most offices are currently working to an in house standard that works best for them. This is fine for now and is normally the case with new technologies, but over time stand... Read More

Horiso BIM content for Revit


We've recently been doing a lot of work with a new client to get all of their product range into useful 3D BIM formats. This has involved building content for Revit, ArchiCAD and sketchup to help them reach as much of them potential market.Below is the first one of... Read More

ArchiCAD object screen cast.


Below is a video/screen cast of an ArchiCAD object we built a while back for a client of ours; EverGlow USA. This goes to show how well hardware such as signage can be integrated into the building information modeling (BIM) process.We built EverGlow's product parame... Read More

Revit Lighting Families


Lighting families are always a bit tricky in Revit. Recently we've been working on a few for a client which will soon be released out into the wild.Below is a screenshot of one that is just being tested. It allows Revit users to easily adjust the materials, light se... Read More

Use Your BIM Content To Ente


The companies we work with find that their BIM (building information modeling) content becomes a valuable marketing tool. The theory behind this is simple; give architects a tool to make their lives easier, in turn their use it on more of their drawings & BIM mo... Read More

BIM Content For Nulook & Bra


Recently finished is the BIM content we have built for National Aluminium's brands Nulook & Bradnam's. (Aluminium windows & doors).Revit and ArchiCAD users can download the finished content for free from BIMstop here.We've produce their window profiles in bo... Read More

High Speed Doors BIM Content


Recently we've been hard at work building some BIM content for High Speed Doors in New Zealand.This content has been built in both Revit & ArchiCAD formats and we expect it to yield great results for them. Below is a screen cast of the ArchiCAD High Speed Doors... Read More

BIM Content Shouldn't Be An


More & more we are seeing companies that run "building product directories" adding BIM (building information modeling) content as an add-on service for their already advertising clients, this in a lot of ways makes sense, as it helps to promote BIM &am... Read More

BIM & Window Manufacturers


How does BIM affect window & door manufacturers??We've been working with a couple of window & door manufacturers recently, they've noticed the move to BIM (building information modeling) software & have wondered how the growing use of Revit & ArchiCA... Read More

Autodesk Revit Door Families


Here are a couple of images of some recent door families we have been building for a client, for use with Autodesk Revit. Door families (and door & window BIM content in general) are quite difficult to build as they often have a lot of parameters & setting b... Read More

What's new @ Barrington Arch


As usual we've been busy! We've been working a range of different projects in different areas, which is great. From developing BIM content (for Revit & ArchiCAD) to launching some web apps for the iPhone - more on this next week.We are currently helping to devel... Read More

BIM marketing engine is star


In the last six months we've noticed that BIM (building information modeling) has been getting a real push. Ads for Graphisoft BIM server & Autodesk Revit are flooding the web and every directory service is pushing that they 'now' have BIM content available for... Read More

EverGlow BIM content for Rev


Lately we have been working with EverGlow US (one of the USA biggest manufacturers of signage and safety fittings). EverGlow came to us as they were looking for better ways to meet the needs of their Architects & Specifiers.We worked in closely with EverGlow to... Read More