TruStile BIM content now available on BIMstop!

  • TruStile BIM content now available on BIMstop!
BIM content for TruStile is now available on BIMstop. All content can be downloaded from TruStile's BIM profile here:

It's great to see a high-end manufacturing company such as TruStile supporting Building Information Modeling (BIM) across multiple platforms, such as Revit, ArchiCAD and Sketchup.

Here's some quick facts on TruStile:


  • Founded in 1995, TruStile Doors is one of the nations leading manufacturers of premium stile and rail MDF (medium density fiberboard) and wood doors for residential and commercial applications

  • As a made-to-order door manufacturer, TruStile offers over 400 standard door styles, and can custom build virtually any door design

  • Our corporate headquarters and two manufacturing plants are located in Denver

  • We are privately owned and operated, with over 250 employees


We believe doors are an integral but often overlooked element of smart home design. We also believe customers deserve what they want, when they want it. Because of these beliefs, we:

  • Are passionate about designing doors that maximize architectural impact

  • Lead through design innovation, manufacturing flexibility and attention to detail

  • Build the highest quality doors that are true to architecturally-correct stile and rail construction

  • Provide some of the shortest lead times in the industry (about two weeks for our MDF doors)


  • TruStiles doors are made-to-order, meaning they are manufactured to your exact specifications any style, any size, any material

  • Our premium product portfolio includes:

    • Interior and exterior MDF doors for painted applications

    • Interior and exterior wood doors for stained applications

    • Glass doors with 40 designer glass and resin options

    • 20- through 90-minute fire doors

    • Plantation-style louver and bifold doors

    • Sound doors


  • TruStile doors are distributed throughout the United States and are also available in limited distribution in Canada

  • We are serviced by over 30 independent sales representatives throughout the U.S.

  • TruStile has a national network of distributors and over 700 retail dealers


  • Member of the WDMA (Window & Door Manufacturers Association)

  • Member of the NAHB (National Association of Homebuilders)

  • Member of the NCHI (National Council of the Housing Industry)

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