BIM Content Shouldn't Be An Add-on Service

More & more we are seeing companies that run "building product directories" adding BIM (building information modeling) content as an add-on service for their already advertising clients, this in a lot of ways makes sense, as it helps to promote BIM & helps manufacturers get on board supporting BIM.

However the problem is quite obvious, the companies running the directories are good at running a directory, not always at building BIM content. As a result we are seeing (& hearing) from manufacturers who have been mis-informed & it is costing them. eg Their content is only in a Revit format & not a ArchiCAD format, even though in many cases both have an even market share. Why on earth would you ignore half the specifiers - supporting both is a no brainer!

So i guess a word of caution, before you commit to new BIM content being built for your company, make sure the person you are talking to gives you ALL the facts! Or if you have a question or want more stats, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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