Marketing Blog Posts

New jobs at BIMstop

Apr 14

BIMstop has had a very successful year so far and is looking to grow its team further. We've always set out to build a great company, in what we see as a very exciting industry. To achieve that we've focussed on hiring the best and most motivated people we could fin... Read More

BIM as a Marketing Tool

Apr 14

I found this great video that shows the incredible use of BIM as a marketing tool. I think the video shows that BIM is the way forward, not just for the AEC industry, but also for real estate and property developers. The video just portrays what can be done to showc... Read More

Manufacturer's return on inv

Apr 14

Return on investment - it's what makes the business world go around. Return on investment or ROI is often a key part of marketing discussions, especially when different channels are being compared.As BIMstop offers a powerful marketing solution to building product m... Read More

Fads vs Trends

Apr 14

A huge part of running any company is marketing and it's a topic I study constantly; how companies are positioning themselves and how they communicate their products.I recently read an article that talked a lot about marketing fads vs trends. By focussing on trends... Read More

BIM Content Shouldn't Be An

Apr 14

More & more we are seeing companies that run "building product directories" adding BIM (building information modeling) content as an add-on service for their already advertising clients, this in a lot of ways makes sense, as it helps to promote BIM &am... Read More

What BIM Means For Doors

Apr 14

At the moment we are working with two doors manufacturers to bring their products to BIM (building information modeling), for both the ArchiCAD and Revit formats.Maybe your company manufacturers doors & you're looking for a new way to market them to architects &... Read More

Barrington Arch BIM eBook

Apr 14

We've made a few updates to our Guide to BIM (Building Information Modeling) eBook. Whether you're a consultant or a product engineer feel free to download your copy. It will help you to better understand where you & your company fits into the "BIM" pr... Read More

The time difference from som

Apr 14

There's always been a huge difference in the time from when someone specify's a manufacturers product, until the product is actually bought (and/or built). This can be anywhere from months to years.As everything now days is speeding up, construction times, manufactu... Read More

New Zealand interest in Revi

Apr 14

There's a lot of content being released by manufacturers in New Zealand at the moment, which is great to see.However we think that most of these manufacturers have missed a huge opportunity, what about all of those ArchiCAD users?ArchiCAD users make up around 50% of... Read More

BIM in 2010

Apr 14

We are all back and feeling refreshed!2010 is an exciting year for our company (and the rest of the world). As it's January loads of manufacturers are sitting down and figuring out their plan of attack for the year. It's great to see more of them embracing the move... Read More

Make Sure You Do BIM Content

Apr 14

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing properly!Later we've seen an increase in the number of building product manufacturer (BPMs) wanting BIM content built (for mainly Revit & ArchiCAD).Because of this a lot of "providers" are jumping on the band wagon... Read More

Put your range in front of 3

Apr 14

Calling all Paint Manufacuters! Tap into the huge new marketing channel of the iPhone & iPod Touch and create huge brand awareness for your company & its colour range.We are proud & excited to announce the release of our latest innovation for Paint manu... Read More

Recent Projects - Architectu

Apr 19

Recently we have produced some high end renders for a new architectural project designed by Form Architecture.These high end renders were produced by taking Form Architects existing BIM model (which was model in ArchiCAD). We then then fine tuned the model in ArchiC... Read More

Testimony from Resene New Ze

Apr 14

Below is a recent testimony from Karen Warman. Marketing Manager for Resene Paints New Zealand.We helped Resene to convert their colour range (5000+ colours) into ArchiCAD colour files. This now allows Architects and Designers throughout the country to quickly and a... Read More

ArchiCAD Integration

Apr 14

We have now merged with SDB objects and are now specialists at ArchiCAD integration. We can can build 3D objects of your products and distribute them to architects & designers throughout the world. This is a very powerful way to promote your products and a great... Read More