What BIM Means For Doors

At the moment we are working with two doors manufacturers to bring their products to BIM (building information modeling), for both the ArchiCAD and Revit formats.

Maybe your company manufacturers doors & you're looking for a new way to market them to architects & designers? Well here are a few benefits you will get from integrating them into BIM:

  • Suddenly your products will be easier to specify & add to documentation! Surely that in itself is a big enough reason to get your products BIM ready.
  • Doors (fire doors, garage doors, bi-fold doors) are complicated. The number of on site errors involving doors are huge.
  • You might be a new comer. Manufacturers entering the door market have an up-hill battle, as technicians have a type of door they already know about & prefer. The only way you are going to convert them to your product is by making it easier for them to use. If it's in BIM, it's only one click away.
Obviously this list could go on forever, but chances are you already no the benefits...So why not get started today! Contact us at [email protected] and we can give you a full quote & plan of what it would take to get your product in front of more specifiers & more money in your company's pockets!

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