BIM as a Marketing Tool

  • BIM as a Marketing Tool
I found this great video that shows the incredible use of BIM as a marketing tool. I think the video shows that BIM is the way forward, not just for the AEC industry, but also for real estate and property developers. The video just portrays what can be done to showcase properties to potential customers or even land owners themselves to get a better visualization of the exterior and even interior of buildings.

This video was rendered using Autodesk 3DS, but the buildings were taken from a Revit model of the project. This saves time rather than the marketers having to remodel the entire building from scratch.

The video is for Enclave Bangsar, seven luxury bungalows situated in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, developed by Mulpha Land Berhad.

I will definitely be on the hunt for more great showcases like this!


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