BIMstop BIM activity feeds have arrived

  • BIMstop BIM activity feeds have arrived
  • BIMstop BIM activity feeds have arrived
The BIMstop profile page is your unique home on BIMstop. Whether your a manufacturer or passionate BIM user, the profile allows everyone else to easily find your content. It also give you a fantastic way to share everything about you and BIM (Building Information Modeling) in general. With the added widgets allowing you to easily guide users to your profile.

Today we are pushing a new update to BIMstop profiles: The BIM activity feed!

Activity feeds or news feeds are becoming a part of all great software and are being used across all industries. Everywhere from Chatter in Salesforce CRM to projects in Basecamp to News Feed on Facebook. Feeds play an important role in helping people manage information and avoid information overload, through smart algorithms and curation.

BIMstop's unique and industry leading following system allows BIM users across the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector) to easily keep tabs on important BIM updates and effortlessly curate them to exactly the information they need. As well as discovering new BIM content.

BIMstop activity feeds have now been pushed live on all BIMstop profiles. You can easily view yours by visiting your My-BIMstop homepage here: and public ones can be viewed by visiting any manufacturer's or user's public profile, such as this:

As usual this is just the start, we have some exciting features in store for the activity feed, so stay tuned as it evolves over the coming months. In the mean time why not have a look at yours.

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