Marketing Your BIM Content - Part One

  • Marketing Your BIM Content - Part One
  • Marketing Your BIM Content - Part One
  • Marketing Your BIM Content - Part One
  • Marketing Your BIM Content - Part One
What are the best ways for manufacturers to market their BIM objects? This 2 part blog will try to answer this question by showing you the best ways to market your BIM objects. Lets start by discussing the two main ways how customers download your BIM objects:

  • Professionals will contact or reach you directly (which would be most likely through your website) to download your BIM objects because they have specified you before, have heard of your before or you were recommended to them.

  • Professionals are patrolling BIM object websites to access specific BIM objects for products (e.g. HVAC system, doors, faucets) because they currently have no knowledge or preference for certain manufactures and obtaining BIM objects for these products saves them time.

By understanding how your customers access your content you can now try to create better experiences for your existing and potential customers. By creating better experiences you can increase your downloads, your specifications and your customer base. To achieve the best results with your BIM objects, we have created 6 easy tips to better market your BIM objects, below are the first 2:

1. Create your BIM objects! This means creating BIM objects either in-house or out-souring. Which ever avenue you use it is essential that your BIM objects are created to a high standard as many professionals will tell you that an BIM object may look great but can be very un-useful if poorly designed. If this is the case you bet that the professionals will not be happy, stop downloading objects (therefore no specifications) and tell all their friends and colleagues. So you must create BIM objects to the highest standard possible. Additionally, create your BIM objects in a format that is useful for your target market. This normally means creating your BIM objects in as many formats as possible. If your budget is limited consider creating them in the most popular formats.

How to Market Your BIM Objects - BIM Object Not Just Pretty but UsefulHow to Market Your BIM Objects - BIM Object Not Just Pretty but Useful

BIMstop creates BIM objects in a variety of formats, including Revit, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks and Sketchup. We even wrote a Whitepaper discussing how to decide which formats to focus on.

2. Have your products available in the most direct channel to a range of professionals in the AEC industry

This means hosting your BIM objects on a website that is accessed by many of your target market.This is the best way to gain the market (as explained before) of the professionals who are patrolling BIM object websites. Additionally, this method not only expands your potential customer base for your BIM objects but also expand your potential customer base overall. Your BIM objects advertise your products and company to a wide variety of professionals. Creating BIM objects of your products is just another marketing activity product manufacturers should undertake, just like attending trade shows and creating brochures.

How to Market Your BIM Objects - BIMstop Library

BIMstop is a great channel for this. Not only is BIMstop well known in the industry but its also respected. For our top 50 brands we delivered 14,355,862 impressions and we have specifiers in over 132 countries! To find out more about our offerings please visit the dedicated manufacturers page. Stay tuned for part 2 of "Marketing Your BIM Objects".

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