Marketing Your BIM Objects - Part Two

  • Marketing Your BIM Objects - Part Two
  • Marketing Your BIM Objects - Part Two
  • Marketing Your BIM Objects - Part Two
In part two of our blog post on the best ways for manufacturers to market their BIM objects, we discuss the last 4 steps key to marketing your BIM objects. If you haven't read part one of" target="_blank">Marketing Your BIM Objects you should take a look at that before reading this blog post.

To achieve the best results with your BIM objects, we have created 6 easy tips to better market your BIM objects, below are the last 4:


3. List your BIM objects clearly on your website

You would be surprised at how many manufacturers distribute their BIM objects on hosting websites but not their own. The best way to market your objects is to have them accessible to your existing customers as well as potential customers looking at your products on your website.

This method best targets one of the ways customers download your BIM objects - Professionals who contact or reach you directly to download your BIM objects because they have specified you before, have heard of your before or you were recommended to them. Putting your BIM objects on your website are commonly achieved in two ways:

a) Have a whole separate webpage for all your BIM object downloads, which is clearly displayed on your navigation panel either on its own displayed as 'BIM Objects' or a variation of, or under a tab 'Resources' or 'Downloads'" width="300" height="50" />" width="300" height="108" />

b) Display your BIM object downloads on individual product pages. On the same webpage as your individual product include a download of your BIM object.

The former is recommended as it shows your customers you have BIM objects directly and without having to look through your product pages.


4. Educate your staff about your available BIM objects.

Again you would be very surprised on how many front staff (customer service, call centre etc.) do not know that your company actually has BIM objects let alone what BIM actually is. This is very important as if there are any issues or even BIM object requests your customers will be contacting you to talk about this.


5. Let everyone know you have BIM objects available

Let the market place know you have BIM objects available for download. Push these through your news page on your website, your social media outlets or distribute a press release. This is a way not to only create hype, but this will show up in search results for future customers looking for certain BIM objects in your industry/product sector. Additionally, it will let your existing customers know that you have a new service to offer.


6. Share your BIM objects with the rest of your marketing channels

By sharing your BIM objects and advertising that you have BIM objects on your other channels, such as print media, social media and sales representatives, you create a web of channels that offer, support and promote your BIM objects!

Here at BIM stop we offer you the chance to:

Print unique QR codes for each BIM download which allows users to easily scan them from their smartphone and download your BIM •Ales

For your representatives to easily share and distribute your BIM •Ales. The BIM files are small and can easily be emailed or put on USB drives

Share BIM content easily on Facebook and Twitter


We hope you have found these tips helpful and find your BIM objects being downloaded more often and of course specification of your products increased!

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