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Guide to BIM (Building Infor


We have just released our new Guide to BIM.This free ebook download is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about "BIM" and where you and your company fit into it.BIM is a buzzword in the Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industries at the mo... Read More

Testimony from EverGlow USA


Recently we have been working with EverGlow NA Inc. to help them integrate their products into the latest BIM softwares (ArchiCAD & Revit).Below is a testimony from Charles V. Barlow from EverGlow: What were your perceptions about our service - and were you relu... Read More

EverGlow BIM content for Rev


Lately we have been working with EverGlow US (one of the USA biggest manufacturers of signage and safety fittings). EverGlow came to us as they were looking for better ways to meet the needs of their Architects & Specifiers.We worked in closely with EverGlow to... Read More

Unlock more power in your pr


Are you selling your product information short?Now days everything is modeled in 3D, chances are the products or components you are selling all have been. However even though all this work has gone into product development, most of this great information is lost as... Read More

Increase your bottom line wi


It seem that in this current ecomoney many companies are turning to BIM (building Inforamtion Modeling) technoolgy to increase there bottom line.This works for many reason as it makes their projects run more efficiently and leaves less room for error. There is a gre... Read More