Testimony from EverGlow USA

  • Testimony from EverGlow USA
Recently we have been working with EverGlow NA Inc. to help them integrate their products into the latest BIM softwares (ArchiCAD & Revit).

Below is a testimony from Charles V. Barlow from EverGlow:

  1. What were your perceptions about our service - and were you reluctant in any way before you came to us?
    We found BA with a web search and had no prior knowledge of your capabilities.
  2. How has that perception changed now since you have dealt with us?
    We are generally pleased with the BIM objects we received and the support BA provided.
  3. What do you think now was the biggest benefit of the product/service?
    EverGlow is trying to be a most useful resource to the AEC community; we think these BIM objects will help us toward that end.
  4. Would you go out of your way to recommend our company & service to a friend?
    We certainly recommend BA for creation of BIM objects and creative 3D website graphics.
  5. What would you say to someone thinking about using our product/service - And why?
    We would certainly encourage anyone to use BA services for BIM objects; we are also considering purchasing 3D website graphics from BA and expect to be satisfied.

    BA appears to be known and respected in the CAD and ArchiCAD community. EverGlow is well satisfied with their services.

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