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Marketing Your BIM Objects -


In part two of our blog post on the best ways for manufacturers to market their BIM objects, we discuss the last 4 steps key to marketing your BIM objects. If you haven't read part one of" target="_blan... Read More

Marketing Your BIM Content -


What are the best ways for manufacturers to market their BIM objects? This 2 part blog will try to answer this question by showing you the best ways to market your BIM objects. Lets start by discussing the two main ways how customers download your BIM objects: Profe... Read More

Manufacturer's return on inv


Return on investment - it's what makes the business world go around. Return on investment or ROI is often a key part of marketing discussions, especially when different channels are being compared.As BIMstop offers a powerful marketing solution to building product m... Read More

Industry first: BIMstop lets


We've said it before; the most important part of BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the "I". Information is the key to BIM and the future of all industries including the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry (or if you like acronyms, the AEC).BIM... Read More

Unlock more power in your pr


Are you selling your product information short?Now days everything is modeled in 3D, chances are the products or components you are selling all have been. However even though all this work has gone into product development, most of this great information is lost as... Read More