Industry first: BIMstop lets you connect with and discover manufacturers

  • Industry first: BIMstop lets you connect with and discover manufacturers
  • Industry first: BIMstop lets you connect with and discover manufacturers
We've said it before; the most important part of BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the "I". Information is the key to BIM and the future of all industries including the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry (or if you like acronyms, the AEC).

BIM brings to the table a huge amount of more valuable data, allowing efficiencies and insights into the industry like never before. At BIMstop we are obsessed with this new amount of data and how we can help people manage it. Information overload is becoming a huge problem and we need tools to manage and make better use of it.

Today we are releasing BIMstop connections. With connections we set out to build a new way for BIM users to easily connect with the manufacturers they care about and discover new ones. This allows them to curate the information they receive (such as their model updates and notifications), making all this data more manageable and their jobs more efficient.

A huge amount of work has gone into BIMstop connections to make it as easy and elegant as possible and we think we've nailed it!

Starting today you will see new Follow Me buttons across our network. These can be seen on the BIM content pages and profile pages. Simple hit a Follow Me button and you have made an instant connection with that user (be it a manufacturer or community user). This then allows BIMstop to curate the information and notifications you receive. As well as helping you to develop a meaning full activity stream. You can also discover new uploads by seeing who other users are following. This process of curation and discovery creates real value for you as a BIM user, allowing you to work more efficiently.

We have a lot of great plans for this in the coming year (so stay tuned), the first stage of BIMstop connections is now live. We see this as a first for the architecture and construction industry and look forward to seeing how it will help BIM users across the globe as we evolve it over time.

An example of the new BIMstop profiles:

Got an idea on how we could improve this? Please comment below.

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