BIMstop BIM projects beta has arrived!

  • BIMstop BIM projects beta has arrived!
  • BIMstop BIM projects beta has arrived!
  • BIMstop BIM projects beta has arrived!
Innovation is a big part of what we do at BIMstop. We are very focused on bringing to the world the very best Building Information Modeling (BIM) process and helping to streamline it across all project stakeholders.

This means not only providing as much high quality BIM content as possible to our end users (the specifiers), but also evolving our platform to provide innovative tools that help BIM usage grow and make it more accessible.

Today we are releasing one of the first of these (we have a fantastic roadmap in the works!), it's called: BIM Projects

Put simply and elegantly BIM projects lets you put your Building Information Model in the Cloud. This allows you to easily share it with other project stakeholders within seconds.

Your virtual building model is uploaded using the IFC format. This can easily be exported from all leading BIM software such as Revit, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks and Bentley. For more info on how to do this, see here:

Uploading in IFC allows us to do some clever things, such as turn your model layers on & off, depending on which part of the building you are trying to look at.

The buildings are displayed in full 3D and work automatically with all modern web browsers like; Chrome, Safari & Firefox.

Once in the cloud you can effortlessly share the model with anyone you choose and leave feedback.

Below are a couple of screenshots of the Revit sample project uploaded. This is our first version of BIM projects, so stay tuned for the upcoming pro features.

Click here to give BIM projects a try for free for yourself >

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