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New OpenBIM Event: Build Qat


Upon the success of the Build London Live events (2008, 2009, 2012), Asite, AEC3 and buildingSMART MENA & India are launching a new OpenBIM event, Build Qatar Live 2012. The 48 hour competition takes place from Tuesday, November 27th 2012 to Thursday, November 2... Read More

BIMstop BIM projects beta ha


Innovation is a big part of what we do at BIMstop. We are very focused on bringing to the world the very best Building Information Modeling (BIM) process and helping to streamline it across all project stakeholders.This means not only providing as much high quality... Read More

BIMstop Vectorworks plugin


Today we are releasing a new addition to our BIMstop (BIM content network) range of tools, our first Vectorworks plugin.With the BIMstop Vectorworks add-on you can easily and effortlessly: search for Vectorworks models families upload and share your models quickly a... Read More

Christchurch Cathedral


The beautiful Christchurch Cathedral took a bit of a hit in the recent earthquakes, however I'm sure it will be repaired to its former glory! Below is a photosynth I made a while back which was featured by Microsoft.Photosynth is a clever technology which ties photo... Read More

BIMstop Add-on for ArchiCAD


A core goal of ours is to give all BIM (building information modeling) users better and faster access to the BIM content they need.Search is a key part of this, but until now you still had to go to the web each time. Shouldn't this be easier? Well today we are relea... Read More

BIMstop In The (Vectorworks)


We're in the Vectorworks News today. You can read the full post on the planet Vectorworks blog here.It great to be able to now support all the Vectorworks users out there and help to improve their building information modeling (BIM) efficiency.There's already a lot... Read More

Barrington Arch & Nemets


As a part of our goal to support BIM (Building Information Modeling) & as globally as we can, we are exciting to announce the new Vectorworks content that is now available as free downloads from BIMstop.comNemetschek Vectorworks, Inc has been very generous in ta... Read More

Bimlet V2 - BIM Communicatio


With our BIM content network ( growing strong, we thought it was time to launch our phase two.The need to speed up collaboration is getting larger , with the increased use of BIM (building information modeling) and ever shorter build times, the flood of... Read More Growing

2016 - Our BIM Content Network, is still growing and we are pleased to announce that some more exciting partners are in the pipeline to come on board.BIMstop is now a host to a huge amount BIM related files, in Revit, ArchiCAD & Sketchup formats.The first... Read More

Use Your BIM Content To Ente


The companies we work with find that their BIM (building information modeling) content becomes a valuable marketing tool. The theory behind this is simple; give architects a tool to make their lives easier, in turn their use it on more of their drawings & BIM mo... Read More