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BIM and 'The Rock': How BIM


This is a great video by Graphisoft showcasing how BIM is used to design complex buildings. In 2010, Wellington Airport in New Zealand gained a new expansion; Studio Pacific in association with Warren and Mahoney Architects designed the The Rock, the new unique Inte... Read More

The Porsche Design Tower Dev


For those of you who read my blog post a few weeks ago about the new" target="_blank">Porsche Design Tower and were fascinated, just like me, about the sheer creation of such a building, I decid... Read More

BIM as a Marketing Tool


I found this great video that shows the incredible use of BIM as a marketing tool. I think the video shows that BIM is the way forward, not just for the AEC industry, but also for real estate and property developers. The video just portrays what can be done to showc... Read More

New Christchurch City Recove


And the plan is here! So what do we think of the new plan of the garden city of Christchurch in New Zealand? After the devastating February 22nd 2011 earthquake in the city, Christchurch is now planning for the city centres future. The city plan was devised after 10... Read More