Top Building & Construction Apps

  • Top Building & Construction Apps
With technology making its way into the building industry, more and more construction apps are appearing on both iTunes and Google Play. Take a look at our overview of some of the most popular, and compare your thoughts below!

Construction Master Pro
Compatible for both iOS and Android, this app is an award-winning, advanced feet-in-fraction construction-math calculator. It allows its users to complete layouts, finalize plans, and provides project bids and estimates. Construction Master Pro also calculates complicated structures like circles, roofs, and stairs.

Build Calc
Build Calc is a one-stop shop for equations necessary for roof calculations. The app is fully functional with self-calculating data, and is compatible for both iOS and Android.

Electrical Pro
Written by an electrician who uses it on a daily basis, Electrical Pro has over 40 useful electrical calculators and tools. Formulas are for both American and Metric systems, and the app is compatible with Android devices.

Free of cost, BIMx effectively allows firms to share design proposals with clients, and is compatible on both iOS and Android devices. This app is simple to use, as no prior knowledge of BIM or the modeling process is necessary.

Conduit Runner Pro
Conduit Runner Pro is purely for calculating conduit bends and fills, however, there are added features for pull box sizing. The app calculates parallel runs, offsets, 3-bend saddles and more, and is compatible with Android devices.

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