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Apr 18

With technology making its way into the building industry, more and more construction apps are appearing on both iTunes and Google Play. Take a look at our overview of some of the most popular, and compare your thoughts below!Construction Master ProCompatible for bo... Read More

BIM Takes Disney Project to

Apr 14

Disney theme parks are renowned for imaginative design, so it comes without surprise that one of their latest projects is situated to break precedents. Slated to open in 2015, the Enchanted Storybook CastleĀ is currently being designed for Disney Shanghai Resort... Read More

Top 10 BIM Questions Asked o

Apr 14

With Modlar's specifier base increasing every day, we like to keep a handle on what's being talked about in the community.Here are 10 interesting questions that have been asked in the last few weeks. Feel free to help answer them, or submit a question of your very o... Read More

WATCH: Growing Furniture out

Apr 14

From floating infrastructure with lights that change color based on water quality, to chairs bred from the confines of a petri dishes, a New York-based design firm is discovering ways bacteria can produce physical material.Watch below to to see how how bacteria coul... Read More

Create a Floor Plan... with

Apr 19

Drawing out floor plans by hand is officially a thing of the past.The recently unveiled RoomScan is an app for mobile phones and tablet devices, using position sensors to create floor plans for any room. Directions for use are simplified, as the app provides illust... Read More

Send A Robot To Do Your Meas

Apr 19

We were just reading about the ARDrone. For those that haven't heard about it or seen it, the ARDrone is a Quadricopter that you can control from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Now at face value the ARDrone is aimed as a toy. However we think this will have a greater im... Read More


Apr 14

Barrington Architecture & Design is now working with a range of different companies to produce photosynths of their building projects. This uses some of microsoft's latest technology. We have done a quick synth of the Christchurch Cathedral, which can be seen he... Read More