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BIM Content On Demand - Test


Occasionally we do something slightly different & get commissioned to build BIM content for Architects to use in-house. This is a big help for the architects as it helps to speed up their building information process, saving both time & money.Below is a test... Read More

Testimony from Laing Homes


Below is a testimony from Grant Laing, General Manager of Laing Homes.We were employeed by Laing Homes to help design low cost, modern, movable homes. This involved a large amount of design & careful planning, as well as 3D renderings of the finished designs.Bel... Read More

Testimony from EverGlow USA


Recently we have been working with EverGlow NA Inc. to help them integrate their products into the latest BIM softwares (ArchiCAD & Revit).Below is a testimony from Charles V. Barlow from EverGlow: What were your perceptions about our service - and were you relu... Read More