BIM Content On Demand - Testimony

Occasionally we do something slightly different & get commissioned to build BIM content for Architects to use in-house. This is a big help for the architects as it helps to speed up their building information process, saving both time & money.

Below is a testimony from Graeme Butler a registered Architect in Australia. Who we built some ArchiCAD objects for a while back. Another very happy customer!

  1. What were your perceptions about our service - and were you reluctant in any way before you came to us?
    My perception was that you might be an expensive service. I was somewhat reluctant to request a 3d model.
  2. How has that perception changed now since you have dealt with us?
    I was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable rates, and the very efficient service with rapid turnaround. The results were above expectation.
  3. What do you think now was the biggest benefit of the product/service?
    Your service has saved me an enormous amount of time and I now have exactly the right object for my ArchiCAD project.
  4. How were you able to use that benefit?
    I have been able to spend more time solving architectural design issues rather than ArchiCAD GDL issues!
  5. Would you go out of your way to recommend our company & service to a friend?
  6. What would you say to someone thinking about using our product/service - And why?
    I would recommend your services and explain the advantages of getting someone with knowledge and experience to craft an ArchiCAD object in a fraction of the time it would take for them to do it.
Do you need a custom object built for one of your projects or know of a manufacturer's product you'd love to have in a parametric BIM format? Contact us today at [email protected]

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