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Explain better with 3D

Apr 14

3D BIM models help stream line the building process. The building process is often very confusing and difficult to get your head around. Barrington Arch works with clients big & small to help better communicate their design ideas & planning information.The... Read More

Unlock more power in your pr

Apr 14

Are you selling your product information short?Now days everything is modeled in 3D, chances are the products or components you are selling all have been. However even though all this work has gone into product development, most of this great information is lost as... Read More

Gutter Solutionz, Welcome to

Apr 14

Recently we were approached & and have worked with Gutter Solutionz.Gutter Solutionz are a New Zealand company with a fantastic spouting screen system. Their products is doing fantastic throughout New Zealand, but was normally added as an after thought.Barringto... Read More

What is BIM and how does it

Apr 14

What is BIM? How does BIM affect me?These are two question that we get asked all of the time. (BIM) Building Information Modeling affects manufactures, architects, designers, engineers, contractors & developers.We put together a very useful diagram that helps to... Read More

Increase your bottom line wi

Apr 14

It seem that in this current ecomoney many companies are turning to BIM (building Inforamtion Modeling) technoolgy to increase there bottom line.This works for many reason as it makes their projects run more efficiently and leaves less room for error. There is a gre... Read More

What is Building Information

Apr 19

BIM seems to be a bit of a 'buzz' word at the moment, because of this many people are getting confused about its meaning.We recently come accross this great article. It outlines exactly what BIM (buidling inforamtion modeling) is all about and how it will effect you... Read More

Barrington Architecture, Arc

Apr 14

We have released our 2009 library for ArchiCAD 11 & 12. This features a range of high-end, designer objects. Such as designer furniture, high end electronics, organic tree objects & a range of the latest sports cars. All of the objects work with ArchiCAD 11... Read More

Resene New Zealand Colour Ra

Apr 14

We are now working with Resene New Zealand (NZ's largest paint supplier & reseller). Over the last couple of months we have converted over 5000 colours from their vast range, into ArchiCAD materials. This has been done using one of our proprietary system. Which... Read More


Apr 14

At the moment we are busily working with manufacturers, to integrate their products into ArchiCAD. Loads of companies are already taken huge advantage of this innovative way of marketing.This allows them to discretely marketing their product while adding value at th... Read More

ArchiCAD Integration

Apr 14

We have now merged with SDB objects and are now specialists at ArchiCAD integration. We can can build 3D objects of your products and distribute them to architects & designers throughout the world. This is a very powerful way to promote your products and a great... Read More