Gutter Solutionz, Welcome to ArchiCAD

  • Gutter Solutionz, Welcome to ArchiCAD
Recently we were approached & and have worked with Gutter Solutionz.

Gutter Solutionz are a New Zealand company with a fantastic spouting screen system. Their products is doing fantastic throughout New Zealand, but was normally added as an after thought.

Barrington Architecture & Design have worked with Gutter Solutionz to integrate their great product into ArchiCAD (ArchiCAD is the leading BIM software used by Arhcitects & Technicians throughout New Zealand).

they now provide a great ArchiCAD object which is a free download, from their website and from ours at The objects allows you to quickly and easily place their spouting screen onto your detail drawings and stretch it to the correct. size.

In plan the object allows user to easily show the location of the screen on their roof plans. In plan the object features a dynamic note (annotation) which updates to display the length of Gutter Solutionz's screen required. This allows Gutter Solutionz to quickly provide quotes, thus saving both Gutter Solutionz & Architects time. A perfect win - win

As of today (23rd April 2009) this ArchiCAD object/plugin has been downloaded by 85 Architectural practices throughout New Zealand, since it's release 9 days ago! That's a huge success and once again pays tribute to the power of having your products integrated into BIM.

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