Make sharing BIM easier

  • Make sharing BIM easier
BIM helps improve a lot of areas in the design ann construction. Arguably the most important is how it helps to speed collaboration around the project.

At BIMstop we are focused on helping to make this process even better and easier for everybody involved. This is a big job, so we need to take small steps along the way. The first of which we are releasing today, our contact connector.

This simple tool allows you to selected and invite the people you work with to BIMstop, allowing easier sharing of information. This will also become very important as we grow BIMstop's tool layers out.

The tool is dead simple; You can easily enter a few email addresses of contacts you want to invite.

For people using Facebook connect we've made it even easier. Click the invite button (top right corner) and you will instantly see a list of your contacts. All your contacts are put in an easy list. Then all you have today is select the ones that are in the architectural, engineering & construction (AEC) industries to invite!

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