Covering all of the BIM bases.

  • Covering all of the BIM bases.
We are finding more & more manufacturers are coming to us for Revit families of their products. It is great to see them embracing BIM (building information modeling) & we are happy to help create the families for them. As well as help distribute the finished Revit content.

However although providing Revit families to Revit users is essential. It is only one part of the BIM pie. There are still the other users to consider:

ArchiCAD for instance is a huge driving force in the BIM movement, with hundreds of thousands of users world wide. As is the the same for Bentley's BIM products. It is a mistake to over look these markets, as they are still huge!

So when devising your BIM integration plan/strategy. Make sure you are covering all bases or at least plan to. This will give you the best exposure, as well as the biggest increase in brand awareness and your bottom line!

Does providing your BIM content in Revit, ArchiCAD & Bentley formats sound like a daunting task? Don't panic we are here to help. Learn more about our BIM content development services here or contact us at [email protected]

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